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Why can't I ever find anything around here?

Being organised comes naturally to some - but for others it's definitely a struggle. In our time-poor society, it is easy to become weighed down by the chaos and confusion of a disorganised environment. 

'Get Organised! - A Practical Guide to Organising Your Home and Office' eBook will lighten the burden and help create more time to enjoy life.

Designed for quick referencing, this invaluable book contains a wealth of information and 'trade secrets' to help organise the two most important areas of our daily lives - the home and the office.
It provides:
  • the basic rules of becoming organised
  • examples of the types of organisational systems and products available
  • helpful guidelines of making the best use of available space
  • tips on archiving
  • useful checklists throughout
Keep this essential reference handy for all your organisational needs.

"Carol Posener made an enormous difference to my life...I heartily recommend Get Organised to any busy person". Maggie Alderson, best-selling author of Pants on Fire and fashion columnist for Good Weekend


PRICE: $18.70 (Includes 10% GST).  Download now to your desktop or IPAD!

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