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12 Tips on How to Get Organised with Debt

Get Organised with Debt
Debt repayment is an issue for almost everyone these days. Although there is plenty of information about the stress that increased debt makes upon individuals and families, people continue to buy things they want before they have the cash to pay for them.

We decided to do a bit of research and put our thinking caps on to help you become more organised with saving money!

1.   Switch to a low-rate credit card. Do your research at sites such as – which specialise in comparing rates on credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and even electricity and gas charges. This up-to-the-minute resource has plenty of user options to enable you to craft a personalised range of preferences before delivering up a range of choices for your interest. Changing credit providers can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time.

2.   Transfer credit balances to companies that offer low or no-interest for periods of up to 12 months – saving you a fortune for a few minutes on the internet.

3.   Most supermarket roll out specials on Fridays for weekend specials and often Mondays are the best day to stock up on staples. You may even score specials right before closing – like a BBQ chicken that doesn’t want to stay overnight at the shop!

4.   Leaving your petrol tank to run to empty and negating any opportunity of scoring cheaper petrol is a mindset you should get out of. Visit for the best fuel prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane and Gold/Sunshine Coasts. Country cousins will have to wait before you can access this service. Sorry!

5.   Car pool – boring advice, but true! With petrol prices tipped to be over $2 a litre in the New Year, it’s good advice. A few phone calls could save you a fortune! Make it happen.

6.   Purchasing family prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals from a website such as can help you save 20%.

7.   We all know about the huge variety of capped mobile plans available. How to make sense of them all? Visit for the lowdown on which plan is right for you. 

These days (especially if you don’t have kids burning up gigabytes of internet download) it can make financial sense to get rid of the landline and have a great phone/data capped plan that will give you loads of calls and internet tethering for your computer. 

Beware, though, that your rellies will have to get hold of you via a mobile number. Is that OK by you?

8.   Some products really are cheaper online. Give the kids a Thursday night job to find the cheapest pet products for your pooch. Or, get them (or, you) to research or just begin by doing Google searches on whatever you are looking for.

9.   Check out, and for accommodation and fares specials for your next holiday. Subscribe to the Virgin Blue database for alerts about specials in real time.

10.   Nobody really like fessing up to buying generic brand anything and sometimes the foodie products really aren’t worth the packaging they’re in. But some items, basic foodstuffs and a variety of surprising items really are worth trying and bookmarking for future use. 

Tinned goods, flour, sugar and single-ingredient items can add up to real savings.

11.   Shop around for a home loan that really suits your purposes. Most of us have loans which have far more frills than we need and this can really affect the overall cost of your repayments. 

Also, and this is really important, find out from your lender if you can make fortnightly or even weekly repayments on your loan. This can save you THOUSANDS over the life of your loan. Most banks don’t tell you about this – I wonder why?

12.   Check out for comparison rates on health insurance. The costs associated with health cover can be huge, so take a little time to look this website over.

The amount of time you spend working some of these options out is nothing compared to the hourly rate you’d be saving in all these areas. 

Most financially well off people will tell you that managing money, knowing where it is and where it’s going, would be the first thing they’d get their head around to increase prosperity. 

Try to get onto some of these ideas soon, or as I mentioned, start the kids off on some valuable computer time! They’ll learn alot of valuable skills in the meantime!
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