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3 TOP TIPS for Creating Positive Energy in Your Space

Today, I got thinking about what creates positive energy and a lasting impression in a space.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt that it didn't feel right? It may have been a friend or colleagues home or office, or it may be your home-office every time you walk into it. You notice that the energy just feels wrong.

I remember participating in a personal development course many years ago, and being incredibly impressed with the organisation of the room, and the way the staff managed the event throughout the 3 days. Chairs were in perfectly straight rows, handouts were centred and facing the right way on seats after each break, there was no clutter under 'crew' or registration tables - everything was managed and attended to, so that we were not distracted by anything. 

When people enter your space, they build an impression of you and your business and you want to create a positive energy that leaves a lasting impression. 

If you get this wrong, people feel unsettled and it may detract from what you are trying to represent - or trying to deliver with your product or service. People will lose confidence or respect for you if your home or office is in disarray.

TIP # 1 - The Right Way to Display Items

If a space looks 'thrown together', then your visitor or potential customer will perceive that your business has no real structure either. When files, books and anything on display are 'shoved' into the storage space, not neatly placed or perfectly straight, then this sends an underlying message that you don't care what the room looks like.

Simply lining up books, magazine boxes, storage boxes, files, and even crystal tabs in straight lines within your file drawers, will make the spaces look tidier, less cluttered, and more organised.

TIP # 2 - Minimise Your Clutter

Blocks of one colour, for example with a row of magazine boxes, helps to reduce visual clutter. Storing the magazine box so the main side of the box is displayed, eliminates the view of the paperwork it stores - and reduces visual clutter.

Labelling the magazine box clearly, with one category word, using black label tape and a white font, will allow you to identify the contents quickly.

Line up magazine boxes so they are exactly straight on a shelf or desk. Push them all the way back on a shelf, or bring them forward to sit neatly in line. Walk to the door and view the difference.

Quick tidy ups...Next time you have visitors about to arrive, a quick 10 minutes to do a tidy-up will improve the look and feel of your home or office space. Make time to put items left out, away where they belong, fluff the cushions on the lounge, style them like you see in magazines, put away dishes and anything left out in the kitchen, and then take another look before your visitors arrive. It will make you feel better knowing that you took that time to do a little bit to improve the look (and feel) of your space and this will help you relax and enjoy their company.

TIP # 3 - Organising Displays for Impact

Organising books are an entirely different story. Most often, books are simply placed on shelves and not organised or styled, as we love to do for our clients. Over the course of time, books are removed for reading and replaced, usually not in the same spot, and this creates an untidy impression.

Some clients like books organised by colour, or genre.  Others like them organised by size, or by laying them flat in piles. Sometimes they appreciate a mix of both styles, and we add their small collectables to the display for greater impact. Check out this living room space for ideas. 

My preference is to organise books by size - giving the shelves an ordered feel, but I also love the idea of laying books flat, to alternate the style. How your books are organised depends on the storage space available for the all the books you own. 

These jobs don't take long to do but have a major impact on the way your room looks.

For inspiration on styling displays - visit my Display Board on Pinterest for some gorgeous ideas. 

So there you have 3 simple, effective ways of creating a more positive energy into your space. Next time you walk into a space of a colleague or friend, take notice to see whether they have applied these tips and how the room feels as a consequence.

Do you consciously take notice of the energy in the room of the spaces you visit? Do you make the time to ensure the energy of your space is positively spot on? Please leave me a comment below and share your thoughts.

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