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30 Minutes to Being Really Organised

Often enough, we come across clients who have long lists of things that need doing around their home, or who have nagging concerns around seasonal tasks (such as Tax) which drag on their energy far longer than the task itself would take to complete.Think about trying to address each one of these points, even if it’s only one per week. They may only take a few minutes to around 30 mins max. Try to put a system in place for each point so that you don’t have to address it again.

  • Consider consolidating all of your debt into your home mortgage. Lending rates are more reasonable now. THEN, reduce you credit limit on your card (notice the singular?) to avoid creeping debt. Don’t be afraid, be aware.
  • Organise to pay your salary into your mortgage account. Savings accounts don’t pay much interest anyway (remember your school savings book? It mattered back then…), and you could be saving a lot in interest on your loan.
  • See if your employer offers a salary sacrifice scheme, and save tax.
  • Organise direct debit payments for all of your regular bills. Your utilities suppliers can help you work out what weekly or monthly payments will be right. Set and forget. Yes!
  • Consider a weekly ‘savings’ debit from you current account into a squirrel account for you annual holiday. Save your gold coins in a special place for fun-money while you’re away. $50 per week is $2500 a year. Bali, anyone?
  • Organise for email alerts for your bills – get rid of the paper!
  • Use that electronic organiser (Outlook, Entourage or Google Calendar. Sync with your phone. Set reminders). Forget.
  • Sit down at your computer once a week or fortnight and organise advance payments of your bills. Look for ‘scheduled payments’ in your Bank's dashboard and input regular payments where possible, or ‘pay later’ options where necessary. While you’re there, organise a simple, regular payment to your credit card. Learn to use this facility and become efficient. Easy when you get used to it.
  • Organise a receipts folder! – easy! Now you have a place to put those pesky receipts, every time.
  • Resolve your Tax
  • Go through your bathroom cabinet
  • Get Organised and have FUN with your recipes and Foodie dreams!…Masterchef lookout!
  • Use folders for organising your iPhone or Android apps, then set and forget. And, really…do you NEED all those apps? Sounds like a great bus-time activity...delete!

Make a list of any tasks that are clouding your well-being. Write down the steps required to complete them, and then nibble at them, bit by bit, if you can. By breaking them down, they become do-able, and that’s half the battle. 

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Organising this type of lifestyle management is becoming an increasing facet of our business.

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