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4 Easy Steps to Organise Your Papers and Magazines

Everybody we know has a stash of mags somewhere in the house that they are reluctant to part with or, at least, don't know what to do with. 

Unless you have that certain-something ability to make a stack of mags look like a cool decorator accessory, get organised with them and develop a system for stashing the good stuff and getting free of the mass of dust-collecting journals.

One simple tool you can use to get your newspaper and magazine piles under control, once and for all, is the humble highlighter pen – but with a twist! 

3M™ has designed a highlighter pen with Post it flags at the end, and I highly recommend these as ‘the tool of all tools’ for this purpose. (Oprah endorses it – and even spoke about it on one of her shows – so of course it must be good!).

Regularly, I see stacks of newspapers and magazines cluttering up clients’ homes – collections that take up much needed physical and mental space, just creating ‘another job to do’. Clients say the reason that they collect in piles is ‘because there are articles in them that I want to keep’. With no strategy or tool to assist them, they unconsciously create more work for themselves. Most people haven’t marked the pages and if only they had, they would have saved themselves SO MUCH TIME!  

A simple way to avoid this problem in the future – is to make a decision to start from now and use the ‘3M™ Post It Flag highlighter pen’ each time your pick up a newspaper or magazine. 

  • Keep it on your coffee table or in reach when reading through newspapers and magazines to highlight an article, then flag the page with the end tab…to save yourself  time searching for the ‘must keep’ articles you wanted to save. You’ll be able to keep everything up to date from then on and only keep the articles you need.
  • At the end of each weekend (make sure you have a routine in place for this), or when you’ve finished reading the newspaper and magazine (and of course everyone else in the house has finished reading them), you can go straight to the article, cut or tear it out and file it under the appropriate category in your filing system i.e.: dream home file, politics, environment, etc….This method amounts to a simple 5 minute job if it’s not out of hand.
  • When you’ve finished with your magazines, don’t be afraid to pass them on. Doctor’s surgeries and hospitals are just a couple of examples of places which may accept your recent cast-offs (yes, please!) or your local charity shop may be able to pass them on. Any really outdated ones can go into the recycling bin, of course.

Often, a little thought and education is all it takes to change. 

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