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5 great tips to makeover your linen cupboard

It's easy to hold onto worn, mismatched bedding and towels, so a linen cupboard that is about to burst at the hinges is common in most households. If you're scared to tug at the pile of towels in case everything will come tumbling out, then it's time to makeover your linen cupboard. Follow these simple steps to whip your linen cupboard into shape.

Step #1 - Sort
Put on your ruthless hat and scrutinise those bath towels, sheets, blankets and quilt covers - are they really worth keeping? If it's too worn, grossly discoloured, or is more holy than the pope, then toss it! Now put the toss pile in a garbage bag to go to a charity bin - even really worn sheets can be used by charities to sell as rags to factories.

HOT TIP - Not everything has to live in your linen cupboard. For example table cloths might be better placed in a dining room side board cupboard and bath towels (if you have room) in a bathroom vanity cupboard. Likewise, kids' bed sheets might be better stored in their cupboard, or in one of their tall boy drawers.

Step #2 - Think in three's
Think about how often you wash and how many sets of sheets each member of your brood really needs. As a guide, try not to have more than three sets for each child. This means that while one set is in the wash, another is on the bed and the third is in the cupboard ready for midnight emergencies!

Use the three principal for bath towel sets too. Resist the temptation to hoard extra sets in case of emergencies, and whenever you get a new set of sheets or towels, give the old ones to the charity bin.

Step #3 - Organise

Now it's time to make sense of everything you've decided to keep...
First, divide linens into groups: bedding for each child, towels in sets, tablecloths, napkins etc.
Next separate summer from winter items, and daily linens from those for special occasions. The everyday and the current season should be stored at eye level, and the rest at the back or bottom of the cupboard.

- Store bulky items like blankets in the zippered bags in which they were purchased to keep them free of dust, or pack them in old pillowcases.

Step 4 - Label, label, label!

If you don't own a labeller, invest in one, it will change your life!
Label each linen cupboard shelf so if by some freak of nature, somebody else puts the washing away, they won't mess up your nicely ordered linen cupboard. Label not only the type of linen, but what bed or bathroom it belongs to e.g. - ‘King fitted,' 'single sheets,' 'kids' bathroom,' 'summer blankets' etc.

Step #5 - Maintain order

Keep your linen cupboard fresh by making sure you follow this simple principle: Always use sheets and towels from the bottom of the pile and place freshly laundered ones on the top. This way, you're not reusing the same sheets over and over again and wearing them out, but are using all three sets an even amount. When you've finished ironing and folding linens, place them neatly in the piles you have created and labelled to keep your linen cupboard oh-so-neat! 

TIP - Linen needs breathing space. Fend off mould and mildew by airing your linen every three months, or placing an open container of baking soda in the cupboard to dispel moisture.

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