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Get Organised for Christmas

Christmas, it’s almost upon us again, and in order to help you get organised, we decided to put together some tips to take a little of the ‘hectic’ out of the inevitable fun and frenzy! How often do you hear some anxious-looking person at the checkout proclaiming that they wish Christmas was over? Usually, that’s because they’re not organised. Hopefully, armed with our tips, that will never be you!

We're going to write a series of tips to help you get more organised for Christmas this year. Don't forget our 'Christmas Checklist' at our online store, too. Only $5.45 and guaranteed to cover EVERYTHING you''ll need to think about! Bound to help get you organised without the inevitable worry! 

Here are some points that you can consider in advance, for you and your family, which can help take some of the stress out of what should be one of the most enjoyable and celebrated times of the year:

  • Will you be sending Christmas cards? Make a list of everyone you’d like to send cards to: consider creating a list on your computer which you can save (and backup!) for use each year. 
  • Make a note of contact information, to save yourself time. You could even make up a mail merge list, if you are motivated and understand your program well enough. Time-consuming at first, but this would save you time over and over again in the future. 
  • Perhaps you’d like to create a family newsletter and post these off to family members as a bit more of a catch-up? Include some photos, and a bit of creative clip art – whatever takes your fancy. You can then print these, or email them as an attachment. 
  • Finally, make certain of your postage times if you need to send cards or gifts overseas, and diarise this information (go to and click on ‘International postage details’). Add extra time at busy periods. 
  • Or, go to and become a member for $14.75. You can send unlimited e-cards from this site, and they are fantastic! You can also arrange to send them on a specific date, ahead of time. How’s that for organised! You can create recipient lists here for the future, too!

Keep a lookout for regular tips and updates as Christmas get closer. Our aim is to get you there in love and laughter!

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