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How to Let Go of Memorabilia - Physically but NOT Emotionally

Recently, I had a question posted to me on Facebook asking....

"Clutter queen...I have a question for you? Is there a good way to part with old letters, birthday cards etc? I have boxes of them. I want to let them go...but they are a kind of snapshot of my life. Should i just be ruthless and brave...or is there another way? Suggestions?"

I thought I'd turn this into a blog post because it is a dilemma for most people when we need to create space. How do I let go of memorabilia that is important to me?

I suggested the following:

Hi Gayle - what a great question. Do you have an iPhone? 

If so, you could photograph the special ones, set up a folder in your photos and call it 'Memorabilia', then file them all there. You'll be able to read them whenever you want without having to leave your desk! Saves on storage, and retrieval time. 

Then discard all your letters and cards without worry. Also, if you have a backup hard drive, this will be extra 'insurance' that you can always retrieve these important memories if ever your computer dies. Hope this helps!

Don't Have a Smartphone?

Now, if you don't have an iPhone or smartphone, simply take images using your camera and upload these to your computer and do the steps above. Always ensure to back up your computer, and you could also check out ICloud for 'In the Cloud Storage' - which means you could save space on your PC or MAC.

You could also spend the time scanning this memorabilia straight into your computer and you would use the same steps to store them - as above.

We use this 'photographic method' when working with clients, in the situation when they have large items that are old or outdated, taking up space, that have been a record of progress or history within their family - such as for University projects, ie: architecture models, works of art for Higher School Certificate final exams, etc. These large projects take up lots of space and clutter up storage areas, so simply taking a snapshot of them will help to retain the memory and you'll have access to the image whenever you choose.

Hope this helps.

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