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The Joys of Being a Professional Organiser

One of the services we offer our clients as a part of the Get Organised lifestyle brand is our ‘GO Concierge’ service. 

A weekly, fortnightly or monthly regular ‘maintenance’ service is designed to keep your life in order, stay up-to-date with any ongoing tasks that need to be addressed, and even help move you forward into new projects, events and activities that you have been keeping in mind.

This service is becoming increasingly popular with clients who recognise that they need support to keep organised and to maintain clarity in their lives and a clear direction in their focus. 

I really enjoy this arm of my work, as I’m working with people who are feeling more organised (I’ve worked with them regularly) and who value being organised – hey! That’s why I’m here!

So, you can imagine my delight when I arrived at a client’s home recently to a chilled bottle of champagne!

‘Carol’, she said "I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful it is working with you. Without you, in so many ways, I’d be in a mess financially! The way you keep my paperwork in order, update all my super, show me how to keep my bills payed (on time), get me ready for tax time, help me to set up a savings plan…all of it. I just love it! It’s always fantastic working with you and it really is worth it!’

‘So, thank you!’

Sigh…client love! Nothing like it! I love my work…x

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