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Can Checklists Make a Significant Difference In Your Experience?

Get Organised with Checklists

Absolutely yes! Studies have shown in all cases that the use of a well-designed and comprehensive checklist can save time, money and even lives.

As well you may think, no airline pilot in the world would think of navigating his aircraft down the runway without going through a comprehensive and rigorous checklist to identify every minor but significant step needing to be achieved or acknowledged before getting the aircraft into the air.

Similarly, medical science has proved unequivocally that following strict procedures in operating rooms can dramatically increase positive outcomes from surgical procedures.

Dr Atul Gawande, author of the New York Times bestseller ‘The Checklist Manifesto’ is very clear about the benefits of using checklists to enhance productivity, clarify outcomes and save lives. 

‘He points out that in 1996 researchers at Johns Hopkins University published the results of a program that instituted in nearly every intensive care unit in Michigan a simple five-step checklist designed to prevent certain hospital infections. 

It reminds doctors to make sure, for example, that before putting large intravenous lines into patients, they actually wash their hands and don a sterile gown and gloves.

He says, ‘The results were stunning. Within three months, the rate of bloodstream infections from these I.V. lines fell by two-thirds. 

The average I.C.U. cut its infection rate from 4 percent to zero. Over 18 months, the program saved more than 1,500 lives and nearly $200 million’. Courtesy Terrific Trading.

Why waste valuable time, create headaches or experience frustration when the simple use of a re-usable checklist can save energy, stress and disappointment. 

For first-time tasks (such as hiring a house-sitter) to repeated activities such as travel overseas, the use of a checklist is the ultimate in a no-brainer. Surely you deserve to be good to yourself and save the hassle of forgetting something important?

Even if we weren’t selling our version of cool checklists, we encourage you to make a list of repeat activities and save them to your desktop or file. One of my consultants’ children house-swaps between Dad and Mum, and creating a Checklist is the obvious way for her teen to get control over his own stuff. 

Ditto any business activity that you (or a designated team member) needs to do repeatedly or in your absence. This is where ‘Procedures’ begin in the office context.

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