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Collections or Clutter?

How do we define the difference between Clutter and Collections?

Can a collection of neatly presented, meaningful items stored in a cabinet, on a coffee table or on shelving, from memories collected over time, that are clean and tidy, be classed as clutter? 

A friend recently commented that she thought my apartment looked cluttered. I was horrified of course, because every fibre of my being is all about calm and ordered living.

I collect things that I love such as rare books, beautiful baskets, shells and driftwood from days spent at the beach, pebbles from beaches all over the world, keys from time gone by, small colourful plates from richly decorative cultures that I have visited, which all have a place in my home - displayed, I believe beautifully, to warm my environment, to present what I represent.

My friend and I obviously have two very different opinions about style and clutter and never the twain shall meet. She said she doesn't collect 'nic nacks' at all (suggesting my collections were just that!). Either do I. 

My idea of 'nic nacks' are inexpensive trinkets collected whilst travelling, such as key rings, small statues, samples of the culture you are visiting found in busy touristy areas, which you will probably never use or display again. Until now, that may have been my idea of clutter but it depends on what you find fun and valuable as items worthy of display. We all have different tastes and ideas. So I certainly don't class my collections as 'nic nacks', but memories for me to display, which leads me to the topic of real cluttered living.

Clutter is a mixture of items stacked on top of each other, in no particular order, nor displayed attentively, that does not have a home. I believe when layers of items are disorganised, dirty, dusty and in the wrong place from they should live - then we have a case of cluttered living. 

Clutter piles are items that have built up (such as in this photo of an actual clients home), and are post-poned decision making.

Clutter comes from the old English word 'Clotter' - to clot, coagulate, to block, and this word has negative connotations. Collections artistically displayed give feelings of positivity to the owner and provide ongoing pleasure which surely is a good thing.

One can't possibly compare the two photos and say they are both 'clutter'. If you have any comments about clutter or how you display your items - please post them here..Until next time...

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