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I found a $5,000 diamond ring this week

Can you imagine my client's delight (and mine also) when I found a $5,000 diamond ring this week that had been missing all year! 

I LOVE it when we find valuable items that have been lost during our sessions. The story unravelled with my client excitedly telling me 'the ring' had slipped off her finger and she hadn't known where, and had searched and upturned every area of her home trying to find it. 

She was resigned to the fact that it was now lost, and was about to make a claim on her contents insurance, (it had been added to the list of things to do this year). 

Finding it during a de-cluttering session this week, saved her the hassle, and the time-consuming process of completing application forms, not to mention paying out the insurance excess payment to make this claim.This was all saved as well.

She is ecstatic and is proudly wearing this beautiful ring again…3 diamonds (I believe about 2 carats in total), imbedded in 18 carat gold. It was her mothers ring that she had redesigned, so it is extremely sentimental. 

I feel like a fairy god mother when this happens, and it brings me GREAT JOY to share in the delight of my clients.

I have found SO MUCH MONEY I could start a bank! Well almost, but over the years the amount of money we have found during our organising sessions is astonishing. People forget what they have - and where they've left things, so it is vitally important to de-clutter and remind yourself what you have in your home or office. "Out of sight - out of mind", so the saying goes, and often people simply forget what they put away - wads of money in coat pockets, in drawers, or lost in amongst paperwork that they haven't looked at in months of even years. 

So it is our pleasure to uncover it all for you. Book a session today, to see what we can uncover for you. 1300 881 384 and visit to find out more about our services and to make an enquiry.

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