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Get Organised with Kids

Get Organised with Kids

At Get Organised, we are constantly on the lookout for ideas that help people teach their kids the value of organising. Is that stretching the concept a bit far? 

What about just teaching kids to BE organised? Or, just getting them to hang up their stuff in the right place??

Seriously, as children grow into adults in our materialistic world, organisational skills can be a bit thin on the ground. Many parents are too busy to teach their kids the basics, more children have more ‘stuff’ and lots of people simply haven’t tamed the clutter beast themselves.

So, in an effort to help parents help their children, we at Get Organised are researching topics and tips for our new eBook, Get Organised with Children. It is a work-in-progress until publication, of course, so we are putting out for any ideas, tips or experiences (funny or frustrating) that you may have to share with others like you. Don’t be bashful! Really, we all need to club in together and teach our kids the stuff of life, before they drown in it! That wasn’t meant to be a pun!

In the meantime, here’s a novel, but spunky, idea that one couple had for creating order in the bath-house. Colour-coded towel racks. Each child knows their colour, so any missing or floor-dwelling bath bits could be assigned to a particular culprit at once! More positively, each child (regardless of age) has an easy solution for remembering which place was theirs, no buts!

The colour-coded theme was repeated around the home, not just in the kid’s rooms, but in the living areas as well. Baskets for toys, hooks near the front door etc. etc. 

Each child (from 2 to 12) knows exactly where their stuff goes and can take responsibility for their own things. No discussion! We like the straightforward solution that this idea presents. 

Let’s face it, if there is a loophole or a crack, the kids will find it, and then argue with you about it until the cows come home – far longer than it takes to follow through on the task!

Is that your experience? Any clues, tips or tricks to share with the other trillion parents out there who could use some? 

Leave us a comment, or write to and be a part of our new book! Or, find us on Facebook, and post on our wall! 
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