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Get Organised For Special Occasions

Get Organised with iPhone
Special occasions are important events in our lives, and it can be really disheartening (and sometimes embarrassing!) when you realise that you have forgotten a special birthday, anniversary, graduation ceremony or even the passing of a beloved friend. 

Save yourself any discomfort, and precious time, by becoming more organised in the way that you deal with remembering these special occasions.

Make sure that you diarise any significant event in your diary. 

You could consider using a special pen colour, highlighter or symbol so that you can clearly see the significance of the note. 

We suggest that you make a reminder entry (up to a week earlier in your diary) that the occasion is coming up, to remind you and give yourself enough time to organise a gift or card, especially if you need to post either of these.

If you have a smartphone, you’re lucky! It’s easy to be organised with one of these – simply select the date of the occasion, select ‘all day event’, in ‘categorise’ you can select a special colour, call up ‘recurrence’ and create a ‘once a year’ recurring event. 

Make sure that you create a reminder for at least a few days in advance (this may depend upon whether you need a long lead time to send a gift, or just a moment to make that call!).

For the iPhone users out there: select the Date, input a Name for the occasion, select the Timeframe, choose a Recurrence and set a Reminder. Probably one of the few complaints about the iPhone setup (did we say complaints?) is that it is impossible to set a reminder more than two days in advance. Not enough lead time, really. 

So, we recommend setting the event up in Outlook on your computer, setting a more logical reminder (say one week), then syncing it to your iPhone. 

The iPhone will remind you one week out from the event, even though its software won't allow you to schedule a one week reminder! When the reminder pops up, take the opportunity to set a second reminder on your iPhone, say, one day from the event (something you can't do with Outlook!).

There are a number of eCard companies that specialise in electronic gift cards which are created for you with the opportunity to input your own special greeting. 

Check out Jacquie Lawson as an example of a card company that produces exquisite eCards. For a small membership fee, you can send unlimited eCards globally. They have an address book facility that enables you to do a mass mailing to your entire family, as well as a scheduling facility so that you can choose and input all of your cards at one time, and schedule them for dispatch any time later in the year. 

For example, you could be at your computer and organise a few cards when you have the time, and then schedule them to be sent at the appropriate time (on Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday, a Thank You card, or whatever you need). 

This will save you time, and assure you that at least a beautiful card will be delivered to your recipient’s email box- how organised is that? And, of course, membership would likely be a Tax deduction for small businesses - bonus!

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