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Wardrobe Clear-Out for One of My Consultants

With the change of the seasons, do you find it more difficult to organise your clothes?

Do you run out of room for your clothes, and lose what you could wear in the confusion at the back of your cupboard?

Here are a few tips from Louise, our North Coast consultant, who re-organised her wardrobe a few weeks ago, and hasn’t stopped raving about what a difference it’s made!

‘I was inspired, recently, with a trip to the cinema to see a certain movie which has a lot to say about fashion and girlfriends…(you know the one…?) I have a tiny wardrobe, and although I don’t own many clothes (a few shoes, admittedly…).

I was always frustrated by lack of space. As well as this, my accessories were always difficult to find – and I never remembered what I had and which scarf/necklace/earrings/hat… could go with which outfit. Also, I felt uncomfortable about putting once-worn clothes back into the wardrobe.

‘So, I decided it was time for action! First, I did the recommended clear-out. You know, the ‘if you haven’t worn it for a year…’ story. I cleaned and stored my summer frocks and accessories. I sorted the fix-it pile – and had those items repaired! 

Some girlfriends (and the op shop) did quite well out of the process, and (as we all should know…) creating space means more opportunity for new energy to come into our lives (and new shoes?)

‘But, here is the really important part. Even though I am naturally organised, I often seemed to end up with a pile of stuff in thecorner that I didn’t know where to put, and, as I said, could never be as creative with my outfits as I knew I could be…

‘Our by-line is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’, so, I decided to do just that! 

I purchased good hangers (some for trousers, blouses and lingerie), a shoe organiser (the type that hangs from the bar) a scarf organiser from Ikea that looks like a whole lot of circles joined together with a hook on it for hanging, and the Icebirg Jewellery Hanger (Carol has one too and she loves it as much as I'm beginning to...). 

I put three large hooks on the back of the bedroom door, for my ‘house-wear’ and once-worn items that I didn’t want to put back into the robe. 

I hung the jewellery organiser on the inside of one wardrobe door, and bought some hooks for my hats and belts on the inside of the other door. 

The scarf organiser hangs next to a trouser-hanger, with multiple bars, that I use for expensive winter pashminas. (I also used some blu-tack to display some of my ‘favourite looks’ inside, too, for inspiration!)

‘WOW!!! I can’t believe what a difference it’s made to my bedroom, and my fashion fun! And it all cost so little! 

I feel so organised now, and really motivated to keep my wardrobe working. It really is true! When you have a system in place, staying organised is easy!

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