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How Does The Idea of Change Make You Feel...

Change:  [cheynj] - ‘to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc. of something, different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone’. 

How does that make you feel, the idea of change. Excited? Scared? Ready to go?...and hide under a rock? I remember, when I was younger, being told that the greatest skills that anyone would need in the 21st century would be communication and flexibility. No, I don’t mean chatting up that guy at the yoga class…well…

I love change: to me, change is freshness, vitality, stretching, exciting, humorous and sometimes very challenging. Of course, the challenging parts are scary, sometimes hurtful and are very often hard to understand when I am in the thick of the moment, but on the other side I am a better person for it.

Change is also inevitable, so, in a very real way, it makes sense to embrace it…learn, grow, become childlike again. No, really. Resistance is useless (I’m doing the ‘quotable quotes’ thing today) so why not try to embrace the different and refreshing feelings that can come with new ideas and experiences? The clarity.

As professional organisers, we love change, and we love it for our clients, too. Often we encounter people (or, spouses of people – you know who you are!) who insist on things remaining as they are because they ‘know where everything is’. Actually, many of you know that feeling, I’m sure. However, whilst many have a general idea of where ‘things’ are, locating precisely what you need (in this lifetime) is likely impossible. 

Remembering everything that you own (that you think is good enough to give house-room to) is just not an option. Storing items, caring for them, repairing broken things, finishing unfinished projects (oh, that bargain!), using everything – or even some of it, insuring it, cleaning it – nearly forgot that one! – What a huge amount of energy we give over to our stuff!

Wasn’t all this stuff supposed to make our lives easier? More enjoyable? Simpler? More fun? Where did all that go? Why doesn’t life seem easy or fun with all this stuff in our lives?

So many people are getting their lives in order, getting rid of the old, embracing the new with clarity. Most are tired of looking at stuff that blocks them; we have been inundated with calls for assistance to help people move forward in their lives with ease, people changing directions in their lives. Many people are starting new careers and want to fine tune their stories. So, out with the old and in with the new!

What would you like to change in your life? Have you thought about that? Have you made any steps to achieving your mission? Lightening up the physical and mental clutter that we are all subjected to will help pinpoint the things in our lives that we can control, alter, mess up (in fun) or re-arrange. Too much stuff just gets in the way and creates confusion, mist and sluggishness. 

Resolve today to clear out 10 things in your life each week that can help you make way for fresh energy to come in. Count them. Make a list. Write it on the bathroom mirror in lipstick, if you need to – kidding! These things can be vast and varied, complex or simple (don’t make them too hard – you may never get there!), quick or life-changing:

  • Take 10 items of clothing to charity. (30 mins – maybe less?)
  • Resolve to take all your mail out of the envelopes and ditch the glossy ads before you put them down. (1 min a day).
  • Have a garage sale. Really (fun actually!). (15 hours to set up and run) ($$$'s – shoes!)
  • Clean out the fridge. (20 mins)
  • Take the car to the detailers. (Just fun!)
  • Tell the kids they can't eat in the car anymore. (10 seconds) (Avoiding fighting with them about it for the next 10 years…uuuum?)
  • Find a recipe that you can make 3 of at once, to take to work for lunch. (20 mins divided by 3) Use the spare $50 a week to buy something you'll really love…a massage? Dare I say it – those shoes?
  • Get a business coach. (1 hour a week)
  • Clean out the top drawer of your desk – be brave, do them all! (20 minutes)
  • Clean out your Bookmarks, or organise them, at least. (30 mins max – don't get distracted)
  • Buy a plastic box to put all your computer cords and plastic stuff that comes with the electronica and that you just can't quite get your head around ditching. (20 mins)
  • Bleach your cups and mugs
  • Ring us for some serious change! Not kidding!

Get the idea? Choose a variety of tasks: some cheap and cheerful, some complex and long-lasting. Nominate an anticipated time-frame to achieve the result (very important). Then, when you have those 20 mins (5, 10) free, you’ll feel good about knowing what to do and marking it off your list. Next week, make another list. If it all gets a bit hard, or you are off on a break or too busy at work, just choose simple things that week. 

Be easy.

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