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Ok, who doesn't have an iPhone. Hands up...

Oh, ok, well, there are quite a few people who haven't (yet?) been bitten by the Apple-bug. As many of you may have realised by now, the Get Organised team has a predilection for the iPhone in all its glory.

In the past, I raved about the benefits and beauty of the Palm Pilot and subsequently the Palm Treo. 

Many people (still) love their Blackberry's or another much-appreciated style of phone/PDA. I found the transition from Palm to iPhone a little daunting - after years of advocating Palm - and I wanted to be sure that I was going to be recommending a product that I truly admired and found useful for getting more organised. After all, that's what I'm all about - well, not all about...

So, what did I do? I stood back for a while and watched (with envy) until a few of my friends took a breath from raving about them, gave one a bit of a whirl and I was hooked! I mean, what this little gadget can't do it not worth doing! 

We all know 'Apps', yes? I mean, really, I'm sure that word is going to be entered into the Oxford English Dictionary soon enough (like 'Google' has made its way in - hang on, I'll just go and check 'Facebook' in the online dictionary...nope, not yet. How retro!)

So, a few goodie apps that we like...
  • Of course, the freebies like Yellow and White Pages, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and LinkedIn are really popular, but what about...
  • MyFitnessPal - a wonderful free software that tracks your daily calories via a self-paced meal plan. Even if you're not into the whole recording thing, just the calorie counter is useful (before you dig into the scones...)
  • iMapMyRun goes with it - really drill down the whole in/out fitness thing. GO!
  • CPR and Choking has a great info app for performing CPR - a real life-saver - literally!
  • Shazam - well - this is a great one: catch a tune in the local cafe? Shopping in DJ's and the overhead sound system plays that rockin' 80's hit that you're too embarrassed to ask the assistant the name of? Shazam will listen for a few seconds and voila! Your nutty head moment is relieved! Woohoo!
  • A GPS app is self-explanatory.
  • For the budding (or experienced renovator) DIY Calculator does exactly that: calculates the amount of paint, tiles or wallpaper you'll need for that kitchen reno, and, while you're at it, download the ColourChange app so that you can take a photo of your room and muck around with the colour at your leisure. iHandy Carpenter turns the phone into a plumb bob, protractor and ruler(!).
  • While you're at it, check out when the latest House Renovating program is on with the TV Listing app, and it will even tell you when you faves are coming on!
  • eBook readers can be real time-and-money savers - but only if you can tolerate reading a book from a small screen. The Gen X and Y'ers probably find it as easy as breathing, but, hey, we're not all pre-thirtysomething. Ooops! Did I let that out? Lugging around a library of books in an iPhone is a real advantage instead of the generous paperback when travelling - great for the ecosystem, too. But, take your magnifiers!
  • You can find Inspirational quotes, Esther Hicks and even The Secret (buy or rent)!
So, there we go! Anything is possible! Wow! Something for everyone, yes? Go on over to the Apple Store and while away a few squillion minutes checking out the range of the 230,000-odd apps that are guaranteed to change your life! Or, at least make it easier, fun, more interesting, even educational. A real pocket rocket!

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