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Mobile Phone Recycling Facts - PLUS Earth Hour

A past newsletter focussed on mobile phones and I did some research on recycling mobiles and found this out...some food for thought...

Facts: Over 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recovered to make new products. The gold, silver, nickel, cadmium and plastics in the mobile phones can be turned into jewellery, stainless steel, batteries and plastic fence posts and pallets. The mobile phone industry claims that you can recover the same amount of gold from 50,000 handsets as from mining 110 tons of gold ore. (Source: Australia Mobile Telecommunications Association).

Get involved in recycling mobiles, PDAs or MP3 players....visit to learn more about recycling your phone and to find the nearest drop-off location to you.

The first EARTH HOUR was an amazing thing to experience...I stood out the back of my home - looking out to the harbour - waiting to see all the lights disappear around the foreshore - meanwhile my candles were flickering ever so beautifully in the dark - love that light! 

Helicopters were hovering above waiting to take the 'after shot' of images of Sydney without lights. My neighbours swimming pool light was on (noone was in the backyard), their back porch lights were on (noone was out there) and I wondered if they'd do the right thing.

But as the clock struck 8.00pm EST - they came out and switched off their lights all bar one, in the house - which was a great effort...and patches of dark appeared all around the foreshore of Sydney harbour...fabulous, amazing, inspiring, uplifting, incredibly easy - and SO many, many people all around the world this time had got involved.

 It makes my heart tingle to see this and to know we can all do something for our future.
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