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Organise and Style Your Property For Sale

Get Organised with Moving House

Many people are moving house in an effort to downsize, minimize their mortgages, or maximise their investments. 

There’s a great deal of evidence to support the concept of ‘pre-sale property styling’ or ‘home staging’ as it tends to be known in the USA. 

The idea is to use a stylist, or a handful of the best knowledge that you can get, and prepare and style your own home for sale, to maximise your investment, secure the best possible price and, importantly, make a swift sale.

In order to get your home in tip-top condition for sale, you need to focus attention on the entire presentation of your property. 

It’s important to try to ‘see’ through the eyes of your intended purchaser, and really look at the spaces, inside and out, with fresh eyes. 

One way of doing this, which is really effective, is to take your camera around and photograph every corner in your home, up and down, in and out. Then, download them onto your computer, if you can, so that you can get large images to view. 

This activity often is very revealing. We become so used to seeing things our way that we don’t realise what other people see. What we want them to see, of course, is their dream home!

Once you have gathered your motivation, take account of the following tips, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

  • Clear your property of any excess ‘stuff’. By this I mean anything that doesn’t need to be there: doubles of any electrical gear, archive material, unused furniture, equipment, outdated or unused fixtures or fittings, boxes etc. This is a perfect time for a garage sale! Or, call your local council and find out about the next bulky goods collection, so that you have minimal fuss getting rid of unwanted or broken gear. Please, recycle what you can, for all our sakes…
  • Often, we advise clients to use off-site storage for some of their household things which aren’t used often – buyers want to envisage themselves and their furniture in your property, to see it all fit. Make space, that’s the maxim!
  • Clear away all paraphernalia from surfaces. This includes family photos, magazines, fluffy toys, fridge magnets, notes, the inevitable collection of things which accumulate around the telephone – anything that your eye rests upon which speaks volumes about your personal life – hide it! Not because we think you should get rid of your beloved things, it’s just that once again, buyers want to be able to see themselves in the house, not you in your home.
  • Make sure that the interior of your wardrobes are as organised as they can be – research cites that good storage is the first priority for 40% of homebuyers. Not surprising, when you have a look at all the things we accumulate!
  • Make a list of anything that requires repairing, and try to action as many of these things as you can. This one is a bit tricky, since we all have wish lists about how we want our property to look, and probably never got around to whist we lived in the house! The irony is that a great many household projects get finished in the weeks before sale that have been in our minds for years!
  • Consider a coat of paint. NOTHING beats a fresh coat of paint! For a relatively small investment (in the scheme of things) new paint will take off years of wear and tear, add light and brightness to your property and create instant and dynamic appeal. Choose colours that anybody will like – try to stay away from that lime green that you always wanted but never got around to – keep that for your next place! White is always good!
  • Clean! Clean! Clean! Right into the corners, the sills, the lampshades, the curtains, the carpets, everywhere! Take a high pressure hose to the pathways, outdoor paintwork (providing it is in good order) gates, driveways, anywhere. Polish the brass door-knocker! Trim the gardens, mow the lawns… 80% of purchasers will make a decision about whether or not to inspect the property as a result of their initial drive-by! It is vital to make that critical ‘first impression’.
  • Finally, put a little style into your property. Treat yourself to some new sheets, towels and tea towels…such a small investment which will hugely affect your property appeal. Think about it, bed salesrooms make those sumptuous, appealing ‘bedroom’ looks with the sheets, not the mattress. Cushions, throws, beautiful soap, candles – all these things are relatively inexpensive, and you can take them all with you! Make sure the house is super-tidy for inspection days, and yes, fresh flowers are a bonus. Put the pet gear away, and take the pooch out for a walk. Ditto, ashtrays, rubbish bins, compost etc.

When all this is done, you may not want to sell! Or, sit back and watch your property SELL! Enjoy!

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