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12 Tips on How to Get Organised with Debt

Get Organised with Debt
Debt repayment is an issue for almost everyone these days. Although there is plenty of information about the stress that increased debt makes upon individuals and families, people continue to buy things they want before they have the cash to pay for them.

We decided to do a bit of research and put our thinking caps on to help you become more organised with saving money!

1.   Switch to a low-rate credit card. Do your research at sites such as – which specialise in comparing rates on credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and even electricity and gas charges. This up-to-the-minute resource has plenty of user options to enable you to craft a personalised range of preferences before delivering up a range of choices for your interest. Changing credit providers can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time.

2.   Transfer credit balances to companies that offer low or no-interest for periods of up to 12 months – saving you a fortune for a few minutes on the internet.

3.   Most supermarket roll out specials on Fridays for weekend specials and often Mondays are the best day to stock up on staples. You may even score specials right before closing – like a BBQ chicken that doesn’t want to stay overnight at the shop!

4.   Leaving your petrol tank to run to empty and negating any opportunity of scoring cheaper petrol is a mindset you should get out of. Visit for the best fuel prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane and Gold/Sunshine Coasts. Country cousins will have to wait before you can access this service. Sorry!

5.   Car pool – boring advice, but true! With petrol prices tipped to be over $2 a litre in the New Year, it’s good advice. A few phone calls could save you a fortune! Make it happen.

6.   Purchasing family prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals from a website such as can help you save 20%.

7.   We all know about the huge variety of capped mobile plans available. How to make sense of them all? Visit for the lowdown on which plan is right for you. 

These days (especially if you don’t have kids burning up gigabytes of internet download) it can make financial sense to get rid of the landline and have a great phone/data capped plan that will give you loads of calls and internet tethering for your computer. 

Beware, though, that your rellies will have to get hold of you via a mobile number. Is that OK by you?

8.   Some products really are cheaper online. Give the kids a Thursday night job to find the cheapest pet products for your pooch. Or, get them (or, you) to research or just begin by doing Google searches on whatever you are looking for.

9.   Check out, and for accommodation and fares specials for your next holiday. Subscribe to the Virgin Blue database for alerts about specials in real time.

10.   Nobody really like fessing up to buying generic brand anything and sometimes the foodie products really aren’t worth the packaging they’re in. But some items, basic foodstuffs and a variety of surprising items really are worth trying and bookmarking for future use. 

Tinned goods, flour, sugar and single-ingredient items can add up to real savings.

11.   Shop around for a home loan that really suits your purposes. Most of us have loans which have far more frills than we need and this can really affect the overall cost of your repayments. 

Also, and this is really important, find out from your lender if you can make fortnightly or even weekly repayments on your loan. This can save you THOUSANDS over the life of your loan. Most banks don’t tell you about this – I wonder why?

12.   Check out for comparison rates on health insurance. The costs associated with health cover can be huge, so take a little time to look this website over.

The amount of time you spend working some of these options out is nothing compared to the hourly rate you’d be saving in all these areas. 

Most financially well off people will tell you that managing money, knowing where it is and where it’s going, would be the first thing they’d get their head around to increase prosperity. 

Try to get onto some of these ideas soon, or as I mentioned, start the kids off on some valuable computer time! They’ll learn alot of valuable skills in the meantime!
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Won Park is the Master of Origami.

Won Park is a most interesting personality. Also called the ‘money folder’, he is a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One-Dollar Note. Bending, twisting, and folding, he creates life-like shapes in paper.

He also lives in a garbage truck. 

Always on the lookout for interesting snippets of information for your wonderment, entertainment and knowledge, this subject appears to be a bit left field until you check out Won’s living space. Wow! And I thought I was organised. 

This man’s abode is straight out of a mini Ikea catalogue. He takes our by-line ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ to a new level.

One of my consultants’ family’s did a great deal of travelling during the seventies and she recalls, as a small child with two sisters, the incredible organisation and tidiness her father (in particular) demonstrated on the road.

 But Won takes it to a new level in superlative style and organisation. Guess he doesn’t need much room for his art...

Take a look at his portfolio on the Design Inspiration website - it's marvellous!! Do you know anyone who lives like this?

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Japanese Earth Quake - ‘I See No Signs of Fear...I Can Feel My Heart Opening Very Wide’
Woman and Children - Sendai

This is an extract from the Sydney Morning Herald 1th March, 2011

Whilst it is not the usual topic of our blogs, we couldn't let the nature of this inspiring and uplifting story pass by anyone who may not have seen it. Feel the gratitute for our own lives, and read on...

Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am very blessed to have wonderful friends who are helping me alot. I am now staying at a friend’s home. We share supplies like water, food and a kerosene heater. 

We sleep lined up in one room, eat by candlelight, share stories. It is warm, friendly and beautiful.

During the day we help each other clean up the mess in our homes. People sit in their cars, looking at news on their navigation screens, or line up to get drinking water. 

If someone has water running in their home, they put out a sign so people can come to fill up their buckets.

There has been no looting.

People keep saying ‘Oh, this is how it used to be in the old days when everyone helped one another’.

Quakes come. Last night they struck every 15 minutes.

No-one has washed for several days. We feel grubby, but there are so much more important concerns than that for us now. I love this peeling away of non-essentials. Living fully on the level of instinct, of intuition.

There are strange parallel universes happening. People lining up for water and food, and yet a few people out walking their dogs.

And the Japanese themselves are so wonderful. I come back to my shack each day, now to send this email, and I find food and water left in my entranceway. Old men go from door to door checking to see if everyone is OK. I see no signs of fear.

Somehow, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don’t. Rather, I feel part of something that is happening that is much larger than myself.

In evacuation centres there are puppet shows for children. ‘It’s to ease their minds’ my friend explained to me. ‘That is very important’.

We comfort one another as best we can. We still say, ‘Gambarimashou’ (We must keep up our fighting spirit).

Anne Thomas has been teaching English in Sendai for a decade. These are extracts of a blog and emails sent to her American family. Visit



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Food - Recipes for Busy People
Get Organised with

Are you one of the growing list of foodies popping up all over the place?

There must be millions of us, judging by the number of popular and successful reality TV programs and guest chef specials which are presented to us a la carte on various channels these days.

And the more success that each program enjoys (Master Chef converts - clap vigorously here...) the more that their hosts turn up in other settings ready to regale us with their love of food and all things gastronomique. I mean, is there anyone in Australia who doesn’t know who Matt Preston is? Or, at least, what he looks like?

I came across a great website just now which caters for foodaholics and busy people (or, both, as the case may be...). It’s at and it’s literally crammed with delicious, practical, varied and interesting content which will appeal to all but the most die-hard non-cooking killjoy.

It’s got squillions of recipes, as well as an advanced find index which makes it as easy as (lemon meringue) pie to find the recipe you’re looking for - or, of course, you could dive right in and surprise yourself (and your guests) with a flourishing new Pate with Cumquat Marmalade – or something. 

Take heed, however, and don’t do what many of the contestants on shows like MKR do – TRY your recipe out before unveiling it to your boss on the night before you want to ask for that raise...maybe the flattened pavlova might reflect about as much of a raise as you might expect. Why do they do that?

By the way, I refuse to decipher MKR for anyone out there in blogosphere – I mean, surely?

Back to Don’t be fooled...this website is not just a glorified recipe book, but a whole universe of like-minded individuals and contributors whose passion it is to share their culinary journey on a variety of platforms. 

Membership to the site unveils the opportunity to create menu plans, shopping lists and a facility for saving your own recipes (very organised!) and they have very kindly launched a series of Flash tutorials which will help even the most introverted technophobe utilise the system and enjoy the benefits! Best of all, membership is free! 

There’s a Forum as well, for people who just like to hang around virtual kitchens without putting on those kilojoules (minus the aromas, of course! Rats!).

Of course, there’s a newsletter for fresh inspiration and some undeniably delicious competitions to enter. There’s a News & Features page which has up-to-the-minute info from some of our finest critics and venues. 

In fact, right now, we have the illustrious Matt Preston regaling us about the curious meanings of all terms haute cuisine. Tres merveilleux!

Cruising around this fantastic website will educate you about how to buy, ripen, store and serve a huge variety of fruits, vegies and other ingredients, as well as give you the low-down on when they’re available, what their nutritive value is and what the best preparation tips are.

They have specialist cuisine categories (think vegetarian, chocolate and - Australia Day menus?). Blogs, books, destination delights, nutrition information and – for the social butterfly – a ‘taste kitchen’ club! You, too, can critique, share, regale and comment. Who knows where this career move could lead to? Move over, Matt!

Need I go on? Helloooo! Are you still there or are you over on already? Come baaaack and tweet this post!
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Digital Wardrobe

Get Organised with a Digital Wardrobe

Do you sometimes forget what's in your wardrobe? Within quite a short space of time - most people do, and we only use 20% of it most of the time.

Upload photos of your clothes to the Digital Wardrobe site and create and an online wardrobe categorised by type of garment. 

Here are 10 Apps that will help you organise and sort out your wardrobes.

  1. I Wear - If you’ve ever wanted to share outfit ideas with your friends to get several opinions before a big event, would rather choose your ensemble for the day while still savoring those last few moments in bed or are going to attempt to match an existing item in your closet to one you’re thinking of buying, this free app may be a dream come true. Unlimited wardrobes and an increased number of showrooms are available as in-app purchases, which let your app expand along with your wardrobe!
  2. Ease My Wardrobe – Snap a photo of an item, add brand, color and style information, then sort it into one of several categories in order to completely digitize your closet with minimal effort. Ease My Wardrobe can help you keep track of what you already own, including clothing, shoes and accessories. Free in the app store, Ease My Wardrobe also allows you to save your favorite outfits for future reference.
  3. My Fashion Closet – Organize your clothing by storing images of every item you own with this free app, which will allow you to sort through and collect various pieces in order to plan the ultimate outfit. Not sure if your ensemble is right? Share it with friends for a second opinion with the share function!
  4. Wardrobe Assistant – The free version of Wardrobe Assistant is limited to one wardrobe, four wardrobe sections, two categories and six looks. With an in-app upgrade, however, you can manage a staggering number of pieces with ease. You’ll never leave your bedroom in a state of upheaval after mixing and matching several outfits again; with Wardrobe Assistant, you can just scroll through until you build the perfect look!
  5. Cloth – Snap pictures of your favorite looks with the free version of Cloth, or customize your outfit to current weather conditions by springing for the Cloth Weather in-app upgrade purchase. Chronicle a series of looks on your Tumblr, Twitter feed or Facebook timeline for feedback and collect badges or points for saving and sharing your outfits.
  6. Netrobe – Not only will this free app help you manage your closet by allowing you to photograph all of your clothing for virtual outfit planning; it also removes the pesky background of your wall or bedding so that you’re able to access distraction-free versions of everything you own.
  7. Stylebook – One of the pricier apps on the list at $3.99, Stylebook is also one of the most beloved in the realm of closet organization and digitized wardrobes. In addition to storing and managing your existing items, Stylebook lets you track inspirations for future purchases! Called “a must for Cher Horowitz types” by Vogue Australia and “the ultimate wardrobe manager” by InStyle, Stylebook is one of the best virtual closet applications in the app store.
  8. My Wardrobe – Take pictures of your clothes to digitize your wardrobe and keep track of when you wore an item last to prevent those embarrassing repeats to special functions. This $0.99 app also pushes a culling angle, helping you determine which items can be donated or sold to make room for new additions!
  9. Pocket Closet – Clothing items and accessories are easy to track and manage with this $0.99 app, which allows you to load your wardrobe piece-by-piece through photographs and add tags. Track when you wore each item on the built-in calendar and even plan for future events. Can’t decide what to wear? Simply give your iPhone a shake and Pocket Closet will suggest an outfit on the spot!
  10. 123DressMe – Whether you’re just trying to organize a chaotic closet or plan to use your digital wardrobe to help pack for a trip, this free app may be for you. Simple and easy to use without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles, 123DressMe is a perfect no-frills choice for techie fashionistas.

    I hope this helps you to tame your overflowing wardrobes and to identify what you actually wear. We all need it!
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Living in a Small Space? Need Ideas to Get Organised?

Living in small spaces means that the need to be organised is heightened compared to others who have the luxury of ample room. 

Real estate equals dollars and many people are choosing to live with less square metreage to save on the big ticket home purchase. 

Also, the demographic of single, couples or ‘partners living separately’ is growing, and coupled with exorbitant rents and interest rate repayments, more people are thinking twice before committing themselves to the stress of owning larger properties.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to pare down your possessions to fit into the storage capacities of your space. You have to be clever and organised. Tidy is great, minimal best. 

Living with mess will only cause stress, frustration and angst, turning the feeling of calm we should have returning to our homes into anxiety and nagging concerns. (Image Source Courtesy of

Here are some tips to help you get organised for small space living.

·   Get rid of clutter. Obvious, I know, but really important. Every single thing that you have in your space should be something that you need or love. Preferably both. No exceptions. Tough love. If you can (when you buy something) buy the best quality, most gorgeous looking and physically streamlined product that you can so that it gives you long life (ultimately saving money), pleasure in using it (meaning it satisfies those pleasure sensors – may save you thoughtless feel-good purchases in the future...) and looks great (so that if you need to have it in view, it only adds to your decor).

·   Every time you handle something – decide – do you need/love it? If not, discard or recycle. Great successes come from fast decisions. You can do it!

·   Choose products and items which are sleek, see-through, foldable, and stackable or have double uses. Think glass coffee tables (less visual ‘weight’,) boxes that double as seating, bookshelves as room dividers.

·   Hide clutter behind doors. Get rid of outdated linen and store winter blankets in well-fitting plastic boxes, with silica bags to prevent damp, or keep the clear plastic, zipped bags that linen often comes in and use the linen cupboard as a bookcase – less visual cacophony and dusting! YAY!

·   Use tailor-made products that maximise usefulness of space. Remember the iconic Hills Hoist? Now they make a couple of great products for small space or apartment dwellers a pull-out clothes line that you can attach inside or out - to pull out when you have light washing to dry. The other – we LOVE this one - is a folding clothes rack airer...wait for it...that’s tall enough for sheets, but folds away to hang on the back of a door – out of view! Perfect! Simple google for these products to find a solution near you.

·   Choose furniture or cabinets that have legs which elevate them off the floor, so that you can see under the piece. More visual floor space equals more perceived room.

·   Invest in storage. Setting yourself up with quality storage products needn’t cost you a fortune and will last for years. Stackable tubs with well-fitting lids, see-through boxes for convenience, gorgeous decorative boxes which double as ornaments, lateral filing systems instead of the conventional filing cabinets. I have a classic white cupboard specifically made for lateral files at home and I LOVE it! Double up with books and office supplies. 

·   Invest in pieces, keep details to a minimum. Avoid ‘ornaments’, opting instead for beautiful bowls and vases, boxes, candle holders etc. for interest.

·   Buy CD pocket cases, and banish the endless collections of dust-gathering, space-eating CD cabinets. (This is a toughie for most people!) Better yet, buy your music from iTunes and go digital – how many songs can you store on your iPhone?? Ridiculous! (Back them up, of course!)

·   Try the ‘less-is-more’ approach. Only buy what you LOVE, not just what you fancy, or think you ‘should’ like or ‘may’ need. If you are adjusting and fiddling with the blouse that you loved on the hanger before you even leave the shop, leave it at the shop. Do you really need 20 t-shirts? 

·   I have read about some people who keep their spare sheets between their mattress and box spring! Now that’s inventive – and just a bit scary! Whatever works...

·   Use the walls! I am constantly encouraging people to use walls as storage areas – these are hugely under-utilised in most spaces. Install shelves, ledges and hanging cabinets or containers to give you more storage space without taking up floor space. In the kitchen, hang pots and pans from the ceiling.

·   Visit places like IKEA visit for ideas and products for more storage savvy for home, business and home-office storage ideas.

We always LOVE to get feedback and ideas from our readers, clients and friends. Please post YOUR ideas onto this blog and help other people out with your advice. We’d love to hear from you!
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Gardening - Get Organised In Your Garden

A girlfriend of mine recently set the task of building a propagation cottage on her property so she could manage the maintenance of all her plants.

These photos below show the results of a carefully planned, delightful little garden cottage with the essential blackboard for writing planting reminders, things to do and dates for managing her lovely garden. 

It is so well thought out and organised, I thought I'd share it with you...Love it Armineh!

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Once Used Containers - How to Re-Purpose
Get organised with Packaging Containers

Do you find that many times, when you purchase something, you end up with a box or container that’s nearly as beautiful as the item that you purchased? 

Only, it has the logo of the company that you purchased it from emblazoned all over the lid or (like shoes) down both sides? (Wouldn’t mind so much if it were Tiffany’s or Ralph Lauren...Especially the shoes...).

As well, when you do decide that you need a box for something, you end up paying good money for something that’s not as good quality as the one your candle came in last week?

Boxes and containers are incredibly useful things, but somehow we are in the mindset that they should be seen (aka the $35.00 one) or that if the items needing to be contained will be in a cupboard, they don’t need to live in a beautiful box. 

Can you imagine how many people whose homes and offices we organise have beautiful containers on shelves with NOTHING in them? At the same time, they will have mountains of stuff spilling over itself behind closed doors for the want of a container?

Whenever we organise a space, we put aside every container we can find, be it a Ziplock bag, a clear plastic Ferrero Rocher® box, a gorgeous rattan basket, a child’s pottery effort, shoeboxes, designer carry bags (especially Tiffany’s – don’t see too many of those!), clear, zipped bags that quilts and linen comes in, and anything, tiny or large, that we can lay our hands on. 

The reason? Everything needs a place, and any containers, no matter how apparently useless or unattractive, can serve a viable use and have a second life. We love that!

Especially useful are square or rectangular shapes as obviously these save more space and are readily stackable, but we also love squishy containers, like Ziplock bags and linen bags, because they are flexible enough to fit into tight corners. 

Never underestimate the usefulness of containers. The other day, I found myself in possession of 2 gorgeous, quality, boxes – beautiful, but I need boxes to display like I need... well, I have lots! Besides, they were branded with the company name and that doesn’t work for me (to have on view). (Remember, OCD?).

People regularly peek inside my cupboards to see if I am as organised as I say I am, and guess what? That’s where they’ll find the lovely, branded boxes and clear plastic linen bags. In fact, I used those two boxes to store some delicate Christmas baubles which were then hidden inside another box – totally out of view! But totally useful, and gorgeous to touch and use next Christmas!

On the subject of Ziplock bags, well, have you got an hour or three? We LOVE them! They are such useful devices that we think every home should have a stack of them in a variety of sizes. I was organising my Christmas ribbons the other day (including leftover, once-used lengths) and I found that the tiny ones were PERFECT for the task! Keep a selection of fresh, clean ones for frequent use, and a place for used but useful second-hand ones for appropriate recycling (for the laundry, shed or garage?).

They are clear (so you can see inside them), strong (to use frequently), sealed against air and water (don’t drown one to test my word...!) and they fit into awkward places for storage. 

Get Organised with Boxes
They have millions of uses, too many to mention here, but we guarantee that when you get a stash, you’ll understand our enthusiasm. It’s important to get a range of sizes in stock, because it is simply frustrating to put a tiny item in a big bag, and this tends to stop people from using them, so the ‘thing’ ends up in a junk pile. Once you have something in them, you become more inclined to find its proper home. Plus, they save on labelling, our favourite activity (now that is OCD!).

Sticky labels can be taken off by using Oil of Eucalyptus (not on porous cardboard, of course) but this alone can make an odd container feel better to use. Every home should have a small bottle of this pungent oil for removing stickers from fridges, computers and so forth. Try it on an unseen area on the item just to be sure - we've never had any problem with it... We love this product too!

So, next time you have a container in your hand which has served its initial purpose (like the FABULOUS iPhone box...) find a use for it straight away, or file it into a ‘useful container’ spot to be filled at a later, not too far ‘down the track’, place. 

You could recover it in beautiful paper to make your own mark on it.

Label it if the contents aren't visible and pat yourself on the back. Job well done!
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Procrastination - Are you a Procrastinator? 8 Ways to Get Up To Speed!

Get Organised with ProcrastinationAre YOU a Procrastinator? 

Procrastination is a surprisingly common phenomenon, taking different forms and causing different reactions in people who experience it. 

Most people know the dread of work which needs to be done, piling up, unfinished. However, some people just haven’t learned how to develop strategies to cope with putting off what needs to be done. 

A great deal can be achieved using techniques for change and management. Try not to give yourself a hard time!

1. Don’t set yourself up for failure – if something doesn’t absolutely need to be done, don’t put in on your list. Sometimes, in a flush of ‘I want to get more organised. I know, I’ll start writing lists!’ we make note of a host of things which aren’t essential, don’t absolutely need to be done (especially in a fragile procrastinator’s case) and only serve to clog up the process and result in non-action. Be minimal – only note the essentials, and focus on getting them done.

2. Is there a less demanding task than the one that you have been putting off which may have the same outcome and require less effort? Making a phone call rather than writing an email? Choosing a simpler menu for that dinner party? Remember the KISS principle – Keep It Simple and Straightforward! (I think that’s supposed to be ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ but I’ve never liked the word...‘stupid’).

3. For those procrastinators who are perfectionists in chains – remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

4. Be more aware of what you are spending time on, e.g.: don’t open your email account until you have time to reply as necessary. Try not to ‘double-handle’ things – this is wasteful and diminishes a sense of accomplishment achieved when addressing and completing tasks.

5. Screen calls on your phones when you have set aside time for accomplishing tasks. Use an answer service, and answer only when you must. Try it. Phones are a great time-waster. Let your friends know that you are trying to save time.

6. Delegate. Know yourself. Do YOU really need to do this task, or could someone else (a friend, family member or staff member) do it for you. You may even have to pay someone; it depends on how important the outcome is to you.

7. Make a decision early on – does the task HAVE to be done? Really? Don’t burden yourself with an unending list of things to do. Be realistic. You don’t have to be a super-achiever. You may not even be a serious contender. Some people are just happy cruising. That’s fine. Just decide now, or ASAP, to let the task go, and forget it!

8. At Goethe would say, ‘Begin it now’! Watch yourself and learn...beginning the task is usually the hardest, often it flows after that. But please, PROMISE yourself to finish it, or you will lose the sense of accomplishment SO IMPORTANT to re-educating yourself to avoid procrastination. Choose a small task, if necessary. Start, do, FINISH! Reward!

Procrastinators often feel that there are high standards that they must live up to, and so put off the task itself. Or, procrastination can be an excellent way of avoiding stressful or discomfiting situations or events, and even delaying the tasks which may help with the guilt people experience by putting the tasks off. Go figure!

By knowing yourself, watching your reactions and being present, you will have the opportunity to slow down and learn about yourself, your reactions and motivations. Be gentle with yourself. You have the highest expectations of yourself – go easy, slow down a little and simplify your responsibilities. Work on a ‘must be done’ principle, and try the following:

1. Make short lists. Remember, KISS.

2. Prioritise tasks – some things just ARE more important. Don’t overburden yourself. Try making a deadline for each task that is achievable. Don’t allocate 5 days when it really needs to be 3 weeks. Do what is most important, first.

3. Create a variety of lists (digital or handwritten – your choice). Perhaps ‘Daily’, ‘Monthly’, ‘Renovations’, ‘6 months’, etc. and transfer information as required. Sometimes moving tasks over from one list to the next reinforces their need to be done and creates action. I always love crossing things out on a list, but I have to write a new one when the original gets messy or ugly. That’s me!

4. Break up complex tasks into chunks, for example: to do her Tax recently, a friend had to achieve a range of tasks, which she identified and broke up into pieces to achieve:
· Collect tax receipts
· Arrange into date order
· Collect invoices
· Arrange into date order
· Input receipts into spreadsheet
· Input invoices into spreadsheet etc. 

5. By all means, fill your calendar effectively, but don’t overbook yourself with too much to do. Remember, this is a learning curve, and you’ll need to experience success on an ongoing basis. Plan to succeed! Go easy on yourself. Achieving some small thing well is far better than feeling terrible about not achieving anything.

6. By scheduling your time more effectively, you will feel encouraged that you will be able to enjoy your ‘down time’ more because you have contributed toward succeeding in your personal affairs in a more productive way.

7. There are a million small tasks that bring with them a feeling of accomplishment. Sure, some of these can be scheduled into your program to create a feeling of success. However, if you have pressing goals which need to be achieved, make sure that at least some of the ‘small tasks’ relate to the overall success of the project you are most concerned with. Making an important phone call instead of doing the dishes (especially if you’ve done them twice today already and are doing them again to achieve a ‘perfect’ kitchen and avoid the anxiety of the bigger, more important, goal!).

8. When breaking down tasks into smaller chunks, try to estimate how long it may take to do. By identifying that it may take 25 minutes to research carpet suppliers on the internet, the next time your husband is ½ hour late home for dinner, you’ll know that you have an achievable task to complete. Ditto the 3 phone calls (7 minutes) you can fit in before the babysitter arrives...get it?

Finally, don’t give yourself a hard time if you fall back into old patterns. It can take a lifetime to change habits, indeed you may never ‘change’. However, you can go back to strategies which may help in minimising the heavy feeling of helplessness which is the bedfellow of procrastination. 

It is a process and it can become alot easier. Look for those quiet moments of ‘Yay, I did this!’. 

Pay attention to your successes. 
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Congratulations to the Winner of the Moon Diary!
Thank you everyone (blog readers and Facebook entrants) for entering our Moon Diary giveaway!

The fabulous Moon Diary was one by Les Kirchmajer, who responded via the blog comments route.
Thanks Les - nice to see a gentleman on board the organising train! And a winner!

Best wishes to you, Les, and thank you for your kind Christmas wishes - same to you. Glad you enjoy our newsletters. We love getting them out there!
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