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Recycling Mobile Phones

When your current mobile isn’t giving you maximum efficiency anymore, check with your mobile phone provider to see if you are entitled to a free upgrade.

People tend to stay with their phone company for a number of years so you could be surprised. When upgrading your mobile phone – recycle the old one consciously for our environment. Most retail mobile phone outlets provide recycling bins for the collection of your old phone.

FACTS: Over 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recovered to make new products. The gold, silver, nickel, cadmium and plastics in the mobile phones can be turned into jewellery, stainless steel, batteries and plastic fence posts and pallets. The mobile phone industry claims that you can recover the same amount of gold from 50,000 handsets as from mining 110 tons of gold ore. (Source: Australia Mobile Telecommunications Association). 

Get Involved: visit to learn more on recycling your phone and to find the nearest drop-off location to you. 

If you need to upgrade your mobile phone, consider the option of getting a handheld PDA (or Personal Digital Assistant), a Blackberry or, of course, an iPhone, to streamline your appointments, contacts, tasks and other important information.

We've found a product which will make charging your mobile phone, Mp3 player or PDA device easy. 

The Drinn™ Mobile Phone Holder is a handy, easy to use product for anyone with a mobile phone, an Mp3 player or a PDA device. It is made of a special mix of plastic and rubber giving the holder strength and grip. Drinn™ is 100% Made in Italy. Bellissimo!

How does it work? Drinn™ hangs between your battery charger and the wall socket. It provides a support for your mobile phone, Mp3 player or PDA device and convenient storage for your charging cord.

TIP 1: It will reduce desk and bench-top clutter, and allows you to nominate one place for charging your device every time. (A place for everything...) 

TIP 2: Every member of the family can own one in a different colour so there’s no confusion with charger cables. Bonus: A great organising tool for the man in your life, too!

Available in white, black and lime green. PRICE: $10.00 (Ex GST)

To purchase a Drinn™ Mobile Phone Holder, go to our online store at  and follow the steps to order and pay online. We know you’ll love it!

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Welcome to Spring! Organising Your Winter Wardrobe For Storage
Sunny days and balmy nights seem to have replaced the cooler winter months overnight! Of course, I’m sure that the big chill isn’t all over yet, but the weather has certainly brought the promise of bare toes and swirling skirts to the front of my mind…

In saying that, I’m always a little reluctant to say farewell to winter – not so much the cooler temperatures, but the scarves, gloves, hats and coats that go together to make winter fashion so FUN! So, as the time draws near to file away our winter accessories and woollies, let’s take a few moments to consider how to store them so that they will be fresh and beautiful when we pull them out to play with next winter!

I know that many of you don’t have lots of space for wardrobe storage, so it can be really useful to put your out-of-season clothes and accessories into what we call ‘deep storage’ and at the same time bring last season’s clothes back into service in your current wardrobe space. But to do this really well, here are a few hints to be aware of:

·   Go through your clothes and accessories and weed out anything that you haven’t worn this season. Unless the item is formalwear, or fancy dress, or a couture garment that you simply haven’t had occasion to wear, consider moving those items on – to a charity shop, a second hand clothing consignment shop, or even to ‘Fitted for Work’, a service committed to helping long term unemployed and disadvantaged women obtain work, maintain employment and ultimately achieve financial independence. (see ) While we’re on the subject of storage, if you want to see how the other half (?) lives, have a look at Storage at its finest! I want to play in there!
·   With your remaining items, make certain that everything is clean and pressed. Food and other substances can be invisible at first, but over the duration of a season, will develop and permanently discolour your valuable clothes and accessories. Don’t forget that dry-cleaning is often Tax-deductable, so keep the receipts! Why not see if your cleaner will do a bulk deal for you – all your scarves, coats, and jackets together! Once this is done, and it’s a great feeling, be sure to remove all of your items from the plastic bags, and choose instead to store them in fabric coat bags on great hangers! At a pinch, you could use a sheet and some pegs to form a makeshift coat bag for a few items at a time…Put a few cedar balls in the bag, see below. Also, I make a point of collecting those silicone absorbing packets that come with shoes etc. and these can be a good idea as well, in case of any dampness.
·   On the subject of great hangers, by now you may have taken our advice and decided to invest in some quality coat hangers. Coats, jackets and specialty garments really need to be hung with due respect to their nature. Coats and suits generally have padded shoulders, which will mark disastrously if slung over cheap wire hangers (especially the dry-cleaner type – no!!!). Even good wooden hangers should be reserved for other, less-structured garments. This is the time to invest in a few really chunky, sculptured hangers, purpose-built for tailored garments. Trouser hangers with non-slip bars (available from good storage outlets) are perfect for storing multiple pairs of trousers on one hanger, and are ideal for storing half a dozen cashmere or woollen scarves, or pashminas. Why not consider identifying one brand or range of hangers that you like, and adding to your collection each season when changeover time comes?
·   Knitwear should be cleaned and pressed, and stored loosely folded or rolled in an airtight box. This is a great opportunity to use some cedar balls as a preventative measure against moths and silverfish. Made from cedar, the aroma from these balls is an environmentally friendly way to deter creatures dining on your best cashmere. Make sure that you avoid allowing the timber balls to come into direct contact with your clothing, perhaps placing them loosely in tissue, or a small ziplock bag which hasn’t been closed. I always use the opportunity of storing my woollies as an excuse to do a maintenance chore which many of you may be familiar with by now. I get out a razor (or a specialist tool) and the ironing board, and ‘shave’ my woollens to get rid of all the little balls that accumulate over the season. Time-consuming and, yes, boring…but use it as an opportunity to catch up on the past seasons of a favourite series, and it will be time well spent. Press well, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the next time you see your beloved cardi, it will be clean, beautiful and in perfect order! Well done!
·   Sadly, the time has come to say farewell to our beloved boots…! How I love my boots, well, I love shoes in general, but that’s a whole other story. Boots and shoes need to be stored carefully. Polish them first… shoe polish nourishes leather, and if shoes are stored polished, they will love you for it. Of course, now is the time to take any shoes that need re-heeling to the bootmaker. There’s no point in owning a $250 pair of shoes, and then letting a $10 heel job stop them from lasting more than a couple of years. One of the wonderful things about growing older (growing up?) is that you don’t change your shoe size – so ensure that your shoes thrive for as long as you can! After all, you don’t want to be seen as ‘down at heel’, so to speak! Consider using ‘Booty Shapers’ available at our online store. These hold the boots in shape beautifully, and can be deflated for travelling should you be lucky enough to go somewhere cool and exotic this summer! Dust is a common issue in storage: dust collects in crevices and seams, and acts as an abrasive which destroys your shoes over time. Shoe and boot bags are perfect for this. Sole Passion makes a stunning range of protective shoes bags, which are also ideal for travelling – they keep your shoes separated from your items of clothing. Have a look at their website, and check out our competition for this month. You could win some!
·   Dry clean all of your precious scarves and wraps, and as indicated, and hang them over a trouser hanger, to save them from being wrinkled. Hang in the coat bags with your coats etc.
·   Socks, winter hosiery, gloves and beanies can be stored in marked shoeboxes, or plastic boxes with silicone sachets, and hats should certainly be clean and stored loosely in boxes. Don’t forget that inner brims can become soiled and need occasional attention from your drycleaner.
·   Repair anything that requires it, or if you really don’t want the seamstress to do it, move them on! Drop them off at the alterations shop on your way to another appointment. Do it this season, and they’ll be ready to wear next season. Otherwise, why store a problem?
·   Finally, when you open up your Summer collection of clothes, make a list of anything that you really need to fill the gaps from last summer, and be prepared to be firm with yourself and buy those things that you really need first. Be sensible about your wardrobe selections and you’ll get miles more use, for a fraction of the cost, and you’ll need less storage space. Did you know the average woman wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time! A ‘capsule wardrobe’ is an eighties concept, but still a goodie…check out
this article on the Capsule Wardrobe.
Well, farewell winter fashion, and roll on summer! Now is the time to pull out your summer sizzlers and PLAY! I always forget what I’ve put away, so it’s a bit like Christmas…and since I practice the same rules for summer storage as winter, my clothes are always in perfect order! I can’t wait, actually!
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Lessons in Letting Go - Confessions of a Hoarder Book by Corinne Grant

I just spyed a new book release - 'Lessons in Letting Go - Confessions of a Hoarder' by comedian Corinne Grant. Should be a funny and insightful read...

A funny, appealing and big-hearted memoir of how one of Australia's leading comic talents, Corinne Grant, learned to reconcile love, loss, lack of cupboard space and far too much stuff.


'It took a year to drag myself out of the mess. A year in which I lost my dearest friend and then promptly lost my way. A year in which I ran away overseas, came back and then ran away again. A year in which I learnt to let go, learnt to forgive and learnt to grow up. It was a big year. It was a lot of work. And I head-butted two people. Accidentally.'

'Lessons in Letting Go' is an honest, uproariously funny and sometimes moving memoir of the year in which Corinne Grant decides to do something about her hoarding. From every scrunchie she's ever owned, to every pencil case and magazine, it's time for it all to go. Problem is, getting rid of the stuff turns out to be much harder than she initially thought.

This delightful memoir is about hoarding and about how the things we hold on to can end up dictating our lives. Warm, funny, candid and insightful, Lessons in Letting Go is about the pain - but also the necessity and the joy - in learning to let go.

About Corinne Grant

Corinne got her start in TV as a regular Good News Week panellist in 1999 but her first full time TV gig was as one of the original members of Rove. In 2001 she took on a second job on ABC's The Glasshouse until it wrapped in 2006. Corinne is an accomplished stand-up, MC, presenter, writer and broadcaster and has performed both nationally and internationally. She has also appeared on everything from Spicks and Specks to Dancing With The Stars to Good News Week.

She has co-hosted successful national radio shows, performed countless solo live shows and appeared everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to the Kalgoorlie Arts Centre. Her natural, down-to-earth charm and her quick wit have made her one of Australia's best known, and most warmly regarded, performers.

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Need Inspiration for Styling Ideas?
Home Styling on a Budget

We are always on the lookout for new ideas, content and articles for your interest. At Get Organised, our interest extends beyond organisation and into design, function and beauty. 

We love gorgeous products, and of course we are passionate about organising products especially! 

So, when we come across a site which addresses these criteria, we figure it makes sense to send the information your see what you think!

Feel free to leave us a comment on this page to let us know what you think of our blog or, by all means, let us know about the kinds of things YOU want to know about! 

Alternatively, visit our Facebook Page and write on our wall - we'd love to hear from you, and help you in any way that we can!

By the way, if you like our blog articles, and want to hear about them first, why not 'Like' our blog page (on the top right hand of the page) and a notification of our most recent posts will be sent to your Facebook wall as it happens

Let your friends know about us, and if they leave us some comments, we can tailor our info to answer their questions too. Feedback, please!

Today, we want to let you know about a site that focuses on clever and beautiful design ideas at affordable prices. Don't you love the whole concept of blogging? A platform for motivated and talented people to express their passions for us to share and get enthusiastic about, all organised into bite-sized modules! 

Why not visit Home Styling on a Shoestring for some cool ideas for styling, well-designed pieces and (of course) thoughtful and useful storage products. Let the author know if you like their pages - encourage them to keep up the good work!
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The Design Files!

Blogging about another blog! We loved this site so much, we thought we'd turn it over to you to check out. 

The Design Files started up in early 2008 and has become one of the top 50 design sites favoured by the London Times! 

It has been featured in publications including The Age, The Good Weekend, Urbis, Design Quarterly, Inside Out Magazine and Real Living Magazine.

The author, Lucy Feagins, contributes design news and feature stories to magazines such as Inside Out and Design Quarterly, and writes a monthly design column for The Age Melbourne Magazine. She works as an interiors stylist for TV commercials, film and TV productions and editorial photo shoots.

The Design Files covers design in all its forms – from architecture and interiors to art, craft, graphic design and illustration. There’s a strong focus on Australian design… but a smattering of international design news too for good measure! Regular features on the site include Australian Homes every Wednesday, and Interviews with talented local creative people every Friday.
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Cubeo is Designed to Help Your Kids Stay Organised

What a Clever Concept!

No more forgetting to pack things for sports or lessons! 

Keep the kids organised with a clever Cubeo Cube

This 6×6 cm cube is available in four bright colours and attaches easily to a backpack. 

80 re-useable stickers featuring common schoolbag items remind children what they need to pack and bring home each day of the week. That’s one helpful cube! 

You can find the Cubeo at our online store. 

We Love It!! Not only does it help your kids to stay organised, but it teaches them strategies for becoming more organised as they grow up! Thumbs up!

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The Perfect Gift for Father's Day!

To make Father's Day extra special this year why not offer to organise Dad's garage - as your gift to him. 

This solves the problem of trying to select a gift for Dad, and it's probably something he's never had before.

The whole family can set aside a day to get it done and get involved to speed up the process and then everyone will benefit from the use of the newly organised space.

Get Organised offers Gift Certificates at our online store - so consider giving the gift of organisation to Dad this year. With the help of professionals we can organise it for Dad in a flash!

Now... to organise garage - you need to take the following steps...

1.    First, you need to empty the space and clean out the garage - either with a hose or by sweeping up dust and dirt, so the space is cleared out. It may seem an insurmountable job to do - but if you put aside a day to do this, and with the help of either a professional organiser (us at GO) or some burly teenagers (male or female), the job can be fun and rewarding.

2.    Next you need to make decisions about everything you've taken out. You only want to put back stuff that you want and use. Stuff that you don't want will stand out, so put this into a group. Group everything into categories ie: tools, hardware (nails, screws etc)(plastic ziplock bags are ideal here), large tools (secateurs, rakes, spades, shovel, pick, leaf blower etc), equipment (drills, sanders and accessories), garden equipment (plant food, fertilisers, gloves, garden tools etc), ski gear (all clothing and accessories), bikes and accessories etc...

3.    Bunnings Hardware stores sell little plastic boxes with lots of sections in them to separate screws and nails and all the little items that we often go looking for in the grab yourself some of these to help with this job or simply use plastic take-away containers to separate items and label them once the job of categorising and separating is complete.

4.     Think about having GarageSmart give you a complimentary quote to install their amazing Smartwall panelling system. It will add value to your home and provide such peace of mind as everything will have a place.

5.    Now everything has been out the best places for tools and equipment to be stored for accessibility. Set up areas in the garage...for gardening, larger tools, electrical equipment (best stored inside a cupboard for protection), ski gear (in a tub with a lid and labelled), bikes (mounted on a wall)and helmets...and set items in place.

6.     You may need to invest in some more storage tools such as bike racks from Bunnings, your local hardware store, Target or BigW and some rubber bins (in a range of colours) from Bunnings can hold helmets, balls, scooters, and gardening tools. Work out what you need to store first once everything has been sorted, and then take the time to buy the right storage and this way you may never need to do this process again.

Make it a fun day, and the rewards will be amazing. Not only will you feel rewarded - can you imagine the look on your Dad's face on Fathers Day! Try to keep it a secret from him - if possible!

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Wardrobe Clear-Out for One of My Consultants

With the change of the seasons, do you find it more difficult to organise your clothes?

Do you run out of room for your clothes, and lose what you could wear in the confusion at the back of your cupboard?

Here are a few tips from Louise, our North Coast consultant, who re-organised her wardrobe a few weeks ago, and hasn’t stopped raving about what a difference it’s made!

‘I was inspired, recently, with a trip to the cinema to see a certain movie which has a lot to say about fashion and girlfriends…(you know the one…?) I have a tiny wardrobe, and although I don’t own many clothes (a few shoes, admittedly…).

I was always frustrated by lack of space. As well as this, my accessories were always difficult to find – and I never remembered what I had and which scarf/necklace/earrings/hat… could go with which outfit. Also, I felt uncomfortable about putting once-worn clothes back into the wardrobe.

‘So, I decided it was time for action! First, I did the recommended clear-out. You know, the ‘if you haven’t worn it for a year…’ story. I cleaned and stored my summer frocks and accessories. I sorted the fix-it pile – and had those items repaired! 

Some girlfriends (and the op shop) did quite well out of the process, and (as we all should know…) creating space means more opportunity for new energy to come into our lives (and new shoes?)

‘But, here is the really important part. Even though I am naturally organised, I often seemed to end up with a pile of stuff in thecorner that I didn’t know where to put, and, as I said, could never be as creative with my outfits as I knew I could be…

‘Our by-line is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’, so, I decided to do just that! 

I purchased good hangers (some for trousers, blouses and lingerie), a shoe organiser (the type that hangs from the bar) a scarf organiser from Ikea that looks like a whole lot of circles joined together with a hook on it for hanging, and the Icebirg Jewellery Hanger (Carol has one too and she loves it as much as I'm beginning to...). 

I put three large hooks on the back of the bedroom door, for my ‘house-wear’ and once-worn items that I didn’t want to put back into the robe. 

I hung the jewellery organiser on the inside of one wardrobe door, and bought some hooks for my hats and belts on the inside of the other door. 

The scarf organiser hangs next to a trouser-hanger, with multiple bars, that I use for expensive winter pashminas. (I also used some blu-tack to display some of my ‘favourite looks’ inside, too, for inspiration!)

‘WOW!!! I can’t believe what a difference it’s made to my bedroom, and my fashion fun! And it all cost so little! 

I feel so organised now, and really motivated to keep my wardrobe working. It really is true! When you have a system in place, staying organised is easy!

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3M Highlighter Pens - Get Organised with Your Piles of Newspapers & Magazines

One simple tool you can use to get your newspaper and magazine piles under control once and for all is to use the humble highlighter pen – but with a twist!

3M™ has designed a highlighter pen with Post it flags at the end, and I highly recommend these as ‘the tool of all tools’ for this purpose. 

Oprah endorses it – and even spoke about these on a recent show – so of course it must be good!

Regularly, I see stacks of newspapers and magazines cluttering up clients’ homes – collections that take up much needed physical and mental space, just creating ‘another job to do’. 

Clients say the reason that they collect in piles is ‘because there are articles in them that they want to keep’. With no strategy or tool to assist them, they unconsciously create more work for themselves. 

Most people haven’t marked the pages they want to keep or refer to - and if only they had, they would have saved themselves SO MUCH TIME!  

1.   A simple way to avoid this problem in the future – is to make a decision to start from now and use the ‘3M™ Post It Flag highlighter pen’ each time your pick up a newspaper or magazine. 

2.   Keep it on your coffee table or in reach when reading through newspapers and magazines to highlight an article, then flag the page with the end tab…to save yourself  time searching for the ‘must keep’ articles you wanted to save. You’ll be able to keep everything up to date from then on and only keep the articles you need.

3.   At the end of each weekend (make sure you have a routine in place for this), or when you’ve finished reading the newspaper and magazine (and of course everyone else in the house has finished reading them), you can go straight to the article, cut or tear it out and file it under the appropriate category in your filing system i.e.: dream home file, politics, environment, etc….This method amounts to a simple 5 minute job if it’s not out of hand.

4.   When you’ve finished with your magazines, don’t be afraid to pass them on. Doctor’s surgeries and hospitals are just a couple of examples of places which may accept your recent cast-offs (yes, please!) or your local charity shop may be able to pass them on. Any really outdated ones can go into the recycling bin, of course.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should never find your magazine collection going out of control again!
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QR Code App

QR Codes

A new technology which enables you to go directly to the any website is called a QR Code. 

It is similar to a barcode and can be used on the Iphone via a 'QR Code' App - which is free from the Apps store. Download it straight onto your Iphone via App store.

Now your Iphone can scan the QR Code image and without searching on the internet, you'll be taken straight to our website that you want to view.

Whats the point? 

Well, it's similar to bookmarking a site for future reference and saves you time in searching for it - so you can go there immediately. Here's the Get Organised QR Code. Get the free QR Code Reader and scan it to go directly to our website.

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