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The 3 Things NOT TO DO When Organising a Home-Office

I got to thinking the other day about how many home-offices I had organised, and the fact is, I have reworked my magic in countless home-offices over the past 19 years.

Organising home-offices is one of my favourite things to organise, especially if the client wants to set up new systems (get rid of old products and outdated filing cabinets), buy new products (by saying goodbye to their tattered, outdated grey and dark green products), and possibly even buy new furniture. What delight! 

Believe me this doesn't cost an 'arm and a leg' either. I am extremely resourceful when sourcing products and new furniture for my clients, and manage to get some really stylish pieces for very reasonable prices.

In these situations, after my work has been done, the result is enhanced

because of the new storage products and furniture. It gives clients a fresh, updated look, it feels clean and ready for work, and their productivity has also skyrocketed. 

After the room reveal, I get rewarded too because the new space looks so good, works so efficiently now, and I am very proud of what I've achieved. So it's a win-win all around.

Now, it doesn't always work out like this. Sometime I arrive at my clients home-office ready to begin my work and they have been shopping. Of course they're excited to get the ball rolling. I understand that.

They've bought new products in a range of colours, new hanging files in multiple rainbow colours, and all different sized storage boxes (bought as a pack from Ikea or the like), and a new desk that doesn't suit the room, nor the layout. 

They are excited, but haven't yet realised that the multiple colour look may become distracting, even confusing to the eye, the style of desk just won't work in their space, and the boxes may be wasted because they haven't worked out what to store in them first. 

I personally love a block of one colour to calm a space. White, blue, red, or yellow can instantly improve the look and feel of a room. 

The trouble is, sometimes the storage boxes they have purchased are not the right sizes for the items to be stored, so we swap and rebuy more appropriate products to ensure the storage works properly, and also looks good. 

The 3 Things NOT TO DO When Organising a Home-Office are:

1. Don't buy the first 'new product' you see. First assess what you need, then go shopping for the right size storage containers. You also need to work out if the products you want to buy will fit on the shelves or in cupboards in your space.  Check dimensions before buying anything. If you don't, you could end up wasting your time and money.

2. Try to visualise your new office with a new colour and style. You may have seen an idea in an interior design magazine or on a TV show. Start the process slowly.

You may like to update and buy a new desk first, and this will dictate the theme or style that the rest of the space will  follow. 

Decide on a colour that you resonate with, then go looking for this colour in stores like Officeworks, Ikea, Kikki K, or other home wares stores. You may gravitate to natural rattan textures, or french duck egg blue, so this will give you focus when shopping.

3. Don't purchase a range of hanging files in different colours unless you've planned how the colours will work for your new, revamped filing system. There are better ways to store paper today, so consider whether you want to keep your filing cabinet. 2-ring binders take up enormous amounts of space, so I have a space-saving solution that I highly


You can free up space, by replacing it with lateral files that can sit on shelves in a built-in wardrobe instead. You will gain more space which will give you a greater level of calm and order. (See my online store for our Lateral Filing System pack). You can also purchase small, medium and large lateral filing cabinets if you don't have inbuilt wardrobes in your space.

I often recommend converting filing cabinet systems to lateral filing because of the space-saving pluses and because it is easy to use and manage and looks stylish too!.

Email me at to enquire how Get Organised can transform your home-office from jam-packed to an office that you'll love working in.

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