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The Perfect Gift for Father's Day!

To make Father's Day extra special this year why not offer to organise Dad's garage - as your gift to him. 

This solves the problem of trying to select a gift for Dad, and it's probably something he's never had before.

The whole family can set aside a day to get it done and get involved to speed up the process and then everyone will benefit from the use of the newly organised space.

Get Organised offers Gift Certificates at our online store - so consider giving the gift of organisation to Dad this year. With the help of professionals we can organise it for Dad in a flash!

Now... to organise garage - you need to take the following steps...

1.    First, you need to empty the space and clean out the garage - either with a hose or by sweeping up dust and dirt, so the space is cleared out. It may seem an insurmountable job to do - but if you put aside a day to do this, and with the help of either a professional organiser (us at GO) or some burly teenagers (male or female), the job can be fun and rewarding.

2.    Next you need to make decisions about everything you've taken out. You only want to put back stuff that you want and use. Stuff that you don't want will stand out, so put this into a group. Group everything into categories ie: tools, hardware (nails, screws etc)(plastic ziplock bags are ideal here), large tools (secateurs, rakes, spades, shovel, pick, leaf blower etc), equipment (drills, sanders and accessories), garden equipment (plant food, fertilisers, gloves, garden tools etc), ski gear (all clothing and accessories), bikes and accessories etc...

3.    Bunnings Hardware stores sell little plastic boxes with lots of sections in them to separate screws and nails and all the little items that we often go looking for in the grab yourself some of these to help with this job or simply use plastic take-away containers to separate items and label them once the job of categorising and separating is complete.

4.     Think about having GarageSmart give you a complimentary quote to install their amazing Smartwall panelling system. It will add value to your home and provide such peace of mind as everything will have a place.

5.    Now everything has been out the best places for tools and equipment to be stored for accessibility. Set up areas in the garage...for gardening, larger tools, electrical equipment (best stored inside a cupboard for protection), ski gear (in a tub with a lid and labelled), bikes (mounted on a wall)and helmets...and set items in place.

6.     You may need to invest in some more storage tools such as bike racks from Bunnings, your local hardware store, Target or BigW and some rubber bins (in a range of colours) from Bunnings can hold helmets, balls, scooters, and gardening tools. Work out what you need to store first once everything has been sorted, and then take the time to buy the right storage and this way you may never need to do this process again.

Make it a fun day, and the rewards will be amazing. Not only will you feel rewarded - can you imagine the look on your Dad's face on Fathers Day! Try to keep it a secret from him - if possible!

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