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IPhones to Help Organise Your Life

At the recent 2010 LA Organizing Awards - the Iphone took out the award for 'The Most Helpful Organizing Technology'. 

Since I've had mine, I am amazed at the simplicity and 
efficiency it creates in your day. It's much easier to use than other phones I've had and it is SO much FUN to use. 

It's a piece of cake to learn (took me roughly 15 minutes to check it out and to work out how to do things)...and has so many excellent features such as:
  • NOTES to create lists of things you want to remember, 
  • CALENDAR - schedule events and reminders to help you stay on time.
  • WEATHER - to check weather forcasting for the week ahead - anywhere in the world. Brilliant!
  • PHOTOS - take images on the run - when searching for items for my clients in stores I can take a shot, and immediately email them ideas. Such a time saver.
And it has so many more features that are indispensable for a busy person. I'm reading Steve Job's Autobiography and it sheds such insight into the genius behind products such as this and the IPAD. What a visionary who has changed our world. It is such an inspiring book that I highly recommend.

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