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Where do all the Socks Go?

Wizzipeg sock clipA client showed me some sock clips recently, that her husband had bought so that he didn’t lose his socks anymore. It was causing so many problems in their marriage, he took the initiative and purchased some from a $2 shop. Now when he takes his socks off, he clips them, throws them down the laundry chute and never loses his socks anymore!

There are a number of companies who sell different varieties of  sock clips. Check out Latest Buy. It’s such a big issue for everyone – lost socks…even me – sometimes mine go to another planet…and I’m organised!! It’s the sock curse – they’re having the last laugh I think…

To the untrained eye, tumble dryers and washing machines look innocent enough - but not to the humble sock clip. It takes a glance at these machines and immediately sees beyond their "innocent whitegoods" exterior. It sees a pair of compulsive thieves harbouring the guiltiest of secrets – a fetish for socks and smalls. 

Haven't got a pack of sock clips yet? Well, chances are, you have a navy sock on your left foot and a black one on your right. That's because your washing machine and dryer have gobbled up your socks' matching companions...and if the whitegoods don't get them, your sock drawer probably will – ever noticed how two socks seem to enter a drawer...and only one ever comes out? Very spooky!

But if you use a sock clip to keep your pairs in, er, pairs, you'll never have to step out in mismatched socks again (unless that's the kind of look you're after).

Simply clip your pieces together then put them through the washing machine and tumble dryer, toss them straight into your drawer – and you can be guaranteed that the clever little clip has kept them together throughout the entire laundering and storage process!  Imagine what they could do for your children's sock drawer! Cheaper than the school sock they lost last week!! 
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