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Get Organised in Your Office eBook

Get Organised in Your Office eBook


'Get Organised in the Office' eBook by Carol Posener

Do you need help to organise your office? Do you feel overwhelmed by the influx of paper coming into your spaces and want strategies to manage this easily?

This eBook will offer you all the information you need to organise your office and understand how to keep it organised. A must for any office administrator or small business owner who wants to get organised with their paperwork and space. 

Carol Posener has documented all of her tried and tested strategies and solutions, gathered from over 20 years as Australia's most experienced Professional Organiser. This concise, 60 page eBook reflects current technology and processes. 

Topics covered include:
  • The Psychology of Disorganisation
  • 8 Steps to Get Organised
  • A Place for Everything
  • Goal Setting and Routines
  • Equipment and Stationery Supplies
  • Paperwork and Filing Systems
  • Actioning and Archiving
  • Space Saving and Office Organisation 
  • Technology and How to Stay Organised
  • Lists - How and Why
  • Internet Banking and Personal Finances
  • Organising Receipts and Bill Payment Folders
  • Office Disaster Plan
  • Comprehensive List of Resources and Suppliers for All Your Organising Needs
PRICE: $18.70 (Includes 10% GST).  Download now to your desktop or IPAD!

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