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Why Join an Industry Professional Body?

As Professional Organisers, it's vital to stay in touch with industry news, events and professional updates. The best way of doing that is to become a member of your national membership body for Professional Organisers. In Australia, this is AAPO - the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers.AAPO

In Australia the Organisation works hard to develop the position and credibility of Professionals in our industry in many ways, such as:
  • Creating awareness within the community of the role of Professional Organisers in assisting clients to become more organised. Our industry is comparatively new in this country. Carol began trading as the first PO in Australia, in 1993, so educating clients about the actual benefits of hiring a PO was a huge part of her business plan for many years - and represented no small challenge, either! Carol achieved a great deal of this public education well before AAPO existed here in Oz.
  • Providing a forum for PO's to exchange ideas and contribute solutions to issues - this is an invaluable resource for Organisers and business owners to communicate with other professionals with ideas, problems, solutions, and brainstorming the future development of our industry. It really helps to know that you can network with other Po's or, simply, that you are not alone!
  • Industry certification and support. Accreditation is such an important part of assuring your potential clients that you will do the job that they want you to - reliably and professionally. Your Association can provide you with the recognition that you need to keep your fees in line with the quality of work that you do. Become an Expert in your industry! Industry certification is also a way that our professionals can unite to present a professional image to our clients. Certification raises the bar for our industry professionals and our clients.
  • An opportunity for members to manage their public profiles and create value for their business via online searches for their services. Clients looking for a PO will often navigate directly to the AAPO site and source information about your services from there. Keeping an up-to-date profile is essential if you are to make use of this wonderful service.
  • Members can stay current by announcing news items to clients and other members thereby refreshing interest in your business and this will reflect well in Google searches also.
  • Trainers can advertise trainings and member-hosted events, and link to website booking forms. This is an invaluable resource, as aspirant PO's will find themselves looking through this site for training courses as a matter of course.
  • Registration links for conferences organised annually by AAPO, with member news, photos, and items of interest.
  • Regular newsletter full of up-to-the-minute news.
  • Free member downloads and tools to enhance your business.
  • Providing advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Announcing events which encourage professional development.

AAPO regularly holds conferences which enable PO's to network, attend plenary sessions with leading industry speakers and refresh their business souls!

Membership of AAPO is, I would say, essential. Follow AAPO on Twitter and Facebook. NAPO for overseas  PO's: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Visit their website(s) for more information.
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