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Why Your Wardrobe is Critical to Your Success.

Working in an industry such as ours, presenting a professional and organised image is vital to creating confidence, assurance and trust in your clients, who are likely already feeling nervous and uncertain of the outcomes of your session.

A Professional Organiser has to convey a 'together' look which speaks of refinement and consideration, of organisation and atttention to detailed. good grooming is essential.Get Organised With Your Image

Any career coach will enthusiastically uphold the well-documented reality that image matters. Not only will your client immediately gain a sense of respect for you as a professional, but you yourself will benefit from increased confidence, a sense of expertise and a feeling of self-worth interms of your business and what you charge as a leader in your industry.

People make decisions about how they relate to you, and this affects the respect that you command in a matter of moments. I really don't want to go to the whole 'you don't get a second chance...' but, well, it's true, yes?

This quick blog from Elsa Issac entitle 'Why Your Wardrobe is Critical to Your Business'. Take a look at her website as well....lots of tips and advice about choosing the right wardrobe and pieces for you.
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