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Organising Business or Home-Office Environments

"Carol, I needed somebody to get me moving and you certainly achieved that. The experience with Get Organised has rubbed off, and I am determined not to just pack stuff away again" - Roland Lee - April 2016.

"A big thank you!. I felt overwhelmed with my office which needed a huge tidy-up. Now I feel in control of my office and now have an easy system that works" - Maggie Chegwyn - December 2015.

"Very patient, flexible with how you work, simple and effective" - Jim Antoun - Workflow Coaching Session - December 2015.

"Painting the picture and history...

Yes, like most of us I am a busy person. I am very possibly one of the busier people I know. I am reasonably organised in the way I do things, but I guess, like most, there are parts of each of our worlds that become a little left behind and become cluttered and disorganised. Instead of enjoying my times to relax, I felt a heavy weight, thinking constantly about the 'tidying I need to do". Kind of a bit silly really. While I didn't fit into the category of the decluttering shows you can see on tv, I was a little daunted by the reorganising of my dressing room and home office.
Carol has helped me a couple times before, and I have certainly learnt so much, and the incredible help I got from her five years ago when I moved back into my totally refurbished house was just amazing. The removalists unpacked, well that's what they called it. I was absolutely devastated. My large home felt small, tight and with no space. They had dumped everything they could as quickly as possible with very little rhyme or reason. Carol to the rescue with one of her fabulous assistants by her side. My home was amazing, organised, with a tonne of space everywhere.

As I said I was busy, so it can be easy to put stuff into the dressing room on a hanger in the wrong area, the memorabilia spreads into many areas. My shoes, seemed to grow (shopping helps) and shift the spaces where things belong. The same with everything else. Things happen, and life goes on.

I bit the bullet – am I a failure, no, I am into helping myself. I called Carol. The weight is lifted. While we work well together, Carol leads the way. I disappear at times to work on my computer, then go back in to sort through the culled things that Carol needs decisions on. Carol has a no fuss way of helping you. She has an intuition that is like no other. I find myself wanting to cull. There is no pressure to throw things out, Carol is there to organise things that can just be unclear to us on how to do it. We get too close to things to see what needs to be grouped, what needs to be kept and those things that might need to be moved on to another home or trashed. Everything makes sense. I know it starts a little hard, but as the minutes tick past, it is a great feeling of being in control.

So we did it. I am a happy girl. Will I be able to keep it like this? Each organised part of the room, is designed to be easy to keep that way. I think it is more that my life shifts in focus and therefore I need to alter the priorities. As I said, I am not horrendously disorganised, but now I feel so much happier. Carol made my life feel lighter. Yes, being in control is great".
- Carolyn - July 2015

Email header read... "Ian Blown Away"... "My husband was so pleased and amazed by the transformation in the study and by the neat games cupboard - gratefully"... - Mary. R.

"Totally blown away by what was achieved in 3 days. A huge weight has been lifted, I'm enormously excited to use my home office and Carol was an angel - an answer for everything, clear, confident and motivating" - Dale Pope - Dance by Dale Pope

"Disorganisation is not something anyone feels proud of, so you need someone that can help without making you feel bad for needing their help. Carol does that! Excellent service - highly recommend to others" - Doctor - name withheld

"Thank you so much for all the love and care you have put into helping us sort out our stuff. You are a beautiful person and it has been a joy working with you. Looking forward to our future endeavours. With love" - Joyce and Marc Lubotzky

"I've gone from overwhelmed to SUPER excited. Carol is fabulously professional but also very personable. I LOVED working with her. Give me more!" - Melissa Luxmoore - Naturopath

."It was SO nice to come home to an organised office - such a good feeling after 16 hours on set. I had a quick read through the notes you left - I will study more closely and follow instructions. Looking forward to next session and forwarding your details to a divine colleague" - Kelly Iredale - Lawyer

"It was wonderful, thank you! Specifically the client scenarios and role playing" - SarahTammer - Makeup & Hair Stylist

"Our organisation did not have a common lateral filing system and Get Organised has changed the way we work and created a legacy for the future" - Margaret McLennan - Australian Paralympic Committee

"Get Organised saved my marriage and also my life! It's so great to be organised instead of being overwhelmed with mess!" - Sue Lording - Home Office makeover

"We appreciate the help and work that you did to help us de-clutter and organise. The organisation data system has been very helpful and we thank you for streamlining this system. It has and will be a huge help. Thank you again for your services…" - V.I.P. (October, 2013)

"Another thank you from me to you. I keep looking into the cupboard and feeling relief!! You are very tactful and patient with me. I am okay once I get started but you are quite right everything does date!!… - V.I.P. (October, 2013).

"Carol's service is very professional and she is organised and supportive. I feel a lot more organised and confident and I also enjoyed working with her to set up the new systems" - Julie Hunter (September, 2013)

"More space, more time and that niggling feeling about 'the spare room' gone! Thanks Carol, LOVE your work!" - Kelly Iredale - Lawyer (2012)

"We love your Checklists and have certainly bought up a storm…I am getting organised for a trip away in Dec/Jan. My girls always use the Travel Checklist but also, now that they are doing a lot of babysitting, it is good for them to know what details parents should leave for them. You really need to be checking that parents have given enough info.  Julia is our household’s ‘list girl’ and has had a 'left brain feast' enjoying all your orderly lists!". V.I.P. (2011)

"You’re an Angel from Heaven” - Lynden E. Hopper – Solicitor

“Get Organised is just right for helping a new business get organised! By assisting with setting up the necessary business systems, it allowed me to get on with the business itself. Knowing that your files are organised brings a sense of calm in the hectic days of starting a business”Rosamund Christie – To The Point Communications

“It clears space mentally and emotionally from your life so you can move on and tackle things that need to be tackled. It definitely gives one peace of mind having someone that can help you face the chaos and clearing the path is great”Sherine Salama – Documentary Film Producer – Habitat Pty Ltd

“Carol Posener and her company Get Organised has made an enormous difference to my life – and made me lots of money! I am so busy at work, I find it very hard to keep up with all my personal paperwork and things had got out of control. I had reached a point where I could hardly bear to go into my home office. The first thing she did was totally re-organise the furniture in the office, so it looked and felt better. This made a big difference in itself. Then, as well as giving me lots of practical advice and setting up systems for me, she actually got on with doing a lot of the things that I was so behind on. This has led me to recouping hundreds – possibly thousands of dollars and this has more than paid for Carol’s services – plus I now have an office I look forward to going into. As well as the practical assistance I found Carol invaluable for moral support and we have accomplished things that have worried me for years in an hour or two. I heartily recommend Get Organised to any busy person”Maggie Alderson – Best selling author of 'Pants on Fire' and fashion columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald’s ”Good Weekend” magazine

“Well worth the investment – nice to feel more in control again”Val Whimp – Executive Coach

“I’m extremely happy with the service offered by Get Organised. The hands on approach to organisation helped me get my office in order and I feel much more relaxed and efficient as a result”Dr Karen Healy – Doctor of Sociology – Sydney University

“Valuable ideas, insights and suggestions. We got involved in clearing in the first session which was inspiring as we created immediate results that I could see – also let go of unneeded things”Bronwyn Clarke – Eye Catchers Solutions

“I was somewhat sceptical at first but I must say the ‘Get Organised’ Consultancy has improved our office organisation significantly and will contribute to ongoing improvements in efficiency. Brilliant!”Len Britton – Business Manager – Southern Health

“Carol’s visit coincided with an office move. Without her we would have just moved a whole stack of files dating back 10 years! Now we have a new filing system that will save us time. Without Carol the week would have been hell!”Katrina Kirkland – Administration Projects Manager – Southern Health

“Carol was fantastic, professional, friendly, helpful and very confidence building!”Richard Ralphsmith – Freelance Journalist

“Should be promoted as “Get extremely well organised!”Stuart Troy – IT Consultant

“Helpful and professional. Good depth in principles and strategies” - Dr Andrew Singer

“A great approach - friendly, considerate, efficient and knowledgeable about office systems and practices”Mariana Brkich – Careers Dynamics

“I just loved the way Carol our Get Organised Consultant comprehended so quickly our desperate need to get organised in our office. The fact that I only needed to show Carol once what was required and it got done in the most efficient way possible was just terrific. Daily reports helped me to gain an insight on just how hard she worked during her time here in our office, as they were informative and well prepared. As we are preparing to move our offices in the near future, the work achieved by Get Organised in archiving and the new streamlined filing systems, tells me that we are well prepared to move only what is necessary and we won’t be hindered in having to make any last minute decisions in what to take with us. I highly recommend Get Organised to any frustrated business person who needs to ‘get organised’”Kirsten Jenns – PA to Executive Vice President, James Hardie Asia Pacific

“Very good – calm, efficient and helpful service”Hilary Linstead – Film Producer/Theatrical Agent

“The best money spent. It’s a wonderful feeling to know where everything is and to have created a bigger working space. Moving two computer screens by 20cms made a world of difference”Cathy Porfida – CD Limousines

“I found Carol to be a positive person who gave me some great ideas and reminded me of others I’d “misplaced”Tony Lehmann – Willoughby Council

“Setting specific times for tasks make the mountain seem like an achievable mole hill. I have more focus now!”Sharon Buck – Willoughby Council

“Carol was able to work within our busy office and accomplish an organised, well set up, decluttered, well labelled file room. Get Organised is well worth the $’s and more!” - V.I.P.

“Thanks for all of your support, patience and persistence that you shared with me yesterday so I can live in greater harmony and order and ease in my life. I couldn't have done what we did in 4 hours without you! Now that we've created a system I can follow, life looks and feels brighter"Gary Wohlman

“My office is great – it’s such a good work environment it even entices me to go in there and work!"Malcolm Cameron

“I spent two fantastic days working with Carol Posener from Get Organised and feel that my once organised life is now back on track again. As Director of a fast-growing company with two young children, I was continually head down working or looking after children and ‘too busy’ to organise my office and house properly. Carol had effective ideas that are easily put into practice that have made my work-flow and office run efficiently and this has now flowed onto my house. I am writing this in my new look office feeling much happier with my surroundings!"Julie De Silva - Director, Gro-group AUS/NZ

“Dear Carol,
You might not remember me but about 4 years ago you helped me organise my office when I was at the University of Sydney. As I look around my fabulously tidy office 4 years later, I often thank you in my head, so having just seen your email on the get organised website I thought I would send you a personal thank you. The tips you taught me really have stuck and have it helps me keep my head when everything is going mad around me. All the best"
Karen Healy (Associate Professor - School of Social Work and Applied Human Sciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane)

“A Godsend for me – a work from home Mum. I wish I had done this years ago."Carol Walker - Mint Marketing

"Thank you so much for your work. I feel so good about my office and my improved ability to manage my business. The best thing about all this are the systems you set up for me. Now there is a flow of the processes for all my information - from when it comes in (whether by work load or by mail) to how it needs to be actioned, to where it gets filed and later archived. There is nowhere for things to get 'stuck' and thus accumulate. Everything I pick up now I have a place or process to use so there are no more piles or letters lying around. The systems are all simple, I have no problem understanding how they all work and how easy it is to use them. For me this has been money very well spent and I'm recommending you to everyone I know"Kathy Desmond - Kathy Desmond Consulting Pty Ltd

Organising Homes, Apartments and Life

"The difference that you made to our wardrobes a couple of years back was phenomenal and we can still find everything and all in its place! In coming months I will certainly want you to help with our attic storage and office area so I will be in touch closer to the time Kindest regards, Deb".

"My family and I needed help to move my Aunt from a 2 bedroom home to a retirement village apartment, and due to various reasons, we could not manage the time to do this process ourselves, so we enrolled the assistance of Get Organised.  Two consultants organised the de-clutter and pack-up of my Aunts house in 3 days including disposal of unwanted items, recycling to charities and other beneficial recipients. I was amazed at the calm and efficient service that they delivered without a hitch.  The next issue I needed help with was organising all of my Aunts paperwork, and working out how to manage this in the future for her, as I have been appointed Power of Attorney for her affairs.  A Get Organised consultant sorted, culled, disposed of, archived and organised it all into easy to follow systems for the future. There is a place for everything, and I understand it because it is logical. The best part is, my family and I won't have to do this whole emotional process when my Aunt passes.  Get Organised took away the angst of working through all the outdated paper, and unwanted items to resurrect the important documents my Aunt needs for the rest of her life"  - Helen Cameron (September, 2013)

"Thanks Carol - You're a life saver!" - David Mair (July, 2013)

"Very professional at all areas and excellent service. Highly recommend with friends"Newtown Teiotu (May, 2013)

"Carol was efficient and professional and a pleasure to have in my home. I have been on a very satisfying and productive learning curve - thank you so much" - Helen Cameron (May, 2013)

"Thanks for everything you are doing to help me - it is life-changing!  - Kate C. (November, 2012)

"Good advice which will save me a lot of time and make my home look better with better use of space" - Richard Wenchao He (August 2012)

"Jo was kind and gentle with an embarrassing situation and great with children"V.I.P.

"Hi Carol, I woke up this morning with a warm glow knowing that my desk was again under control. So a big thank you from me to you !!  For the last couple of years my life has been a struggle at times with health problems as you know.  Your visits have helped so much.  - V.I.P.

"I am moving overseas and one of my greatest concerns was getting my mountains of paperwork organised. Carol has spent 3 days with me and made my life so much easier!! and extremely organised"Beverley Parker

"Thanks for coming and spending the day with me. It makes such a difference to the way I am feeling!! I feel so much more peaceful and better able to cope"V.I.P.

"You have unleashed new energy and I am grateful as always.  It  feels so good to look around the house!" - V.I.P.

“It is the best investment of time and money I have ever made”Anna Richie

“Carol was most patient, conscientious, friendly and understanding. She supported me and continued to do so in the weeks that followed whilst I carried through what she had instigated”Julie Adam – Music Teacher

“I was daunted by the prospect of tackling all the paper, memorabilia etc. Carol’s relaxed manner and sensitivity to client’s idiosyncrasies enabled me to freely decide what was really important to keep and how to keep it in a way that was both accessible and attractive”Glynn O’Neill

“This is the most satisfying life experience! Throwing things away and knowing where things are.” - Heather Grace Jones – ‘Very Messy Person’ – ABC Journalist

“The staff has a special talent for being discrete, non-intrusive and compassionate about what can be embarrassing for people. They weren’t pushy and had helpful suggestions. Both my husband and I were delighted with the remarkable changes that were made”Judy McIntyre – Writer, Mother.

“I had become exasperated with the disorder in my flat and a friend suggested to me that “Get Organised” might be a help. I needed help to retrain myself in tidiness. Carol is more like a daughter or younger sister and goes about her work in a very kind and unobtrusive way. She has become a good friend” - Dr Elizabeth Wilson – GP

“I feel like I am back on track again – perhaps for the first time. Get Organised gave me the incentive needed to take control of my home and my life!”Rita Shagrin – Mother and Student

“Brilliant! Provided warm, affirmative “service” like a member of our own family. Never negative about our muddle. Carol and her team had a clear sense of ‘organising space’ so space for ‘everything’ miraculously appeared. We can now actually reach everything. There was a great sense of team and consultation was excellent. All consultants were highly professional and skilled in their roles. A big thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf" - V.I.P.

“The removal and relocation experience has been very demanding so far. On looking back, it would have been far more traumatic without you and your team's substantial assistance in re-organising so much of the storage and filing systems at our former residence - just ahead of an unexpected opportunity turning up that enabled us to pack it all up and move into this new location”Terry & Betsy McKay

“Having moved from a large six bedroom two-storey home to a small one bedroom unit, the chaos seemed insurmountable until with some apprehension I invited Carol to come and see if there was light at the end of the tunnel!! In a short time and with understanding and sensitiveness to my needs, she changed my little unit from a cluttered storeroom to a very functional and comfortable place to live. I highly and unreservedly recommend Get Organised!”V.I.P.

“It feels like a new place – without the hassle of moving. Carol was great – full of ideas and very professional”Renee Hall

“Thanks for your help yesterday in organising our playroom. I told the children that a fairy had come to visit. Her daughter (Aged 5) replied “ I know what that means, you tidied up”. She couldn’t believe the change and said “ Now we need to put up some rules, such as keep tidy and put things away where they belong!”. They loved the drawing paper on the table too. It was difficult to get them away from their area. Thanks again”Melinda Chapman - wife, mother.

“Without the help of Get Organised, in particular Carol Posener, I would never have been able to get over the mountain of ‘stuff’ that was clogging my life. Now I can see what I have and don’t have to think ‘whatever happened to?…and where is it?’ I’d reached a barrier that I couldn’t get around and needed help to push forward, which is now what I am doing, in my personal and working life. Thanks to Carol and her team for helping me clear my physical space as well as my head space".Sue Hambly

“Thanks for all of your support, patience and persistence that you shared with me yesterday so I can live in greater harmony and order and ease in my life. I couldn't have done what we did in 4 hours without you! Now that we've created a system I can follow, life looks and feels brighter."Gary Wohlman

“Carol helped me make my room feel lighter, everything has a set place. I feel much more organised and in contol of things. I know I’ll be much more organised for uni now. One of the best things I’ve ever done!"Katy Richardson (Age 18)

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with my kitchen - it is a totally different place - actually I get startled everyone time I come round the corner and see it; I cant believe its my kitchen"Deb Stuart

"Carol is just the person I needed and was looking for when I decided I needed to get more organised"Tori Dixon-Whittle

"Wonderful service. Easy to work with. Helped tame our paperwork overload" - Melissa Leslie

"Sometimes self-help books don't help. You need someone to help you get through the initial difficulties of getting sorted. It's just easier to ring Carol and the staff at Get Organised and worth the money!" - Deborah Guyon

"I engaged the services of Get Organised to declutter and organise my home. At first I thought it would be something that would take one day, Carol advised that she was training someone and brought along another person to assist her free of charge. I took the day off work and thought it would easily be finished in one day. Well I was wrong. Apart from the fact that it takes years to create the clutter and of course a lot of angst about getting it done yourself, I couldn't believe how long it takes to clean everything out, put it in order, decide the master plan of where everything goes and then move to the next cupboard. I wouldn't have believed it unless I worked alongside both Carol and Helen, who didn't stop for a second. It took three days with two people plus myself to completely go through my apartment, even still there was more to be done. I was grateful for the assistance and feel a lot more organised. Carol is very discrete and calmly organises as she goes, and I am sure Helen will be a great asset to the company" - Anna Shepherd